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    BEWARE !! Our vet recommended this collar for our 10yr old retriever. September 2013 he started wearing it, by October he was lethargic and struggling to walk. He got worse so vet put him on painkillers thinking it was arthritis. No improvement, he could hardly walk 200metres without laying down by Dec 13, at this rate of degradation we thought he would only live a few more months. Vet tried a course of injections Easter 2014 and dog was very slowly improving. Around June 14 his collar was renewed and he got much worse. Vet presumed injections were not working so tried a different pain killer along with steroids. No improvement until around October, November 2014 he started to get better. As I went to order the another Seresto collar online I read a review from a cat owner who's cats had the exact same symptoms of lethargy and weak legs. I purchased the collar but did not put it on the dog, I thought I would give it a month to see if he started to get better without the collar. He kept improving so I slowly reduced his pain killers and steroids. By Dec 2014 he was still improving without the collar and off all medication. March 2015 and he is happily walking 3-4 miles and running about. He has no collar and no medication. Seresto and my vet do not accept that it was the collar, yet my dog is a year older and running around better than he did in Nov 2013 when he had the collar. Do not get this for your dog, if you do make sure you monitor your dogs well being closely. Our dog lost a whole year of his life and we lost a lot of money.

  • C. Arring - Amazing

    I don't usually review products, but this one is so great I had to. It is so much cheaper than Rogaine, and works better. My receding hairline has grown back, and I'm not losing my hair anymore. It is great!

  • Alicia - The nails are another story and absolutely they have changed for the better. Now I have to file them at least ...

    It's been several years since I began using this product. My hairdresser had questioned excessive hair loss and thinning and had me concerned. That's when I perked up and decided to see what could be done about it. My doctor had prescribed for a thyroid problem. I cannot swear that my hair loss issues were solved immediately but I can tell you that the amount of hair that shows up in my brush is considerably less and perhaps it is wishful thinking, but my hair looks healthier. The nails are another story and absolutely they have changed for the better. Now I have to file them at least once a week and they are stronger than they have ever been. You won't catch me complaining about having to give them more care because all my adult life I'd been unhappy with them. A thing of the past. The skin part isn't as easy to answer because of all those years beginning in high school when getting a suntan was an absolute necessity - my skin is showing all the signs of abuse. Maybe it's better now, maybe not. Still, I'm definitely a fan of HS&N and will happily continue to use it.