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Eden Pest - Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest is your natural solution to pest management. We provide eco-friendly pest control for homes and businesses throughout Oregon and Washington.

  • http://edenpest.com/residential Pest Control for your Home in Oregon and Washington - Eden Pest - Eden Pest's residential program serves homes in Washington and Oregon for all of your year-round, environmentally-friendly pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial Green Commercial Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Eden Pest's commercial program serves businesses in Washington and Oregon for all of your year-round, environmentally-friendly pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/pest-library Pest Identification & Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Not sure which pest is bugging you? Check out the Pest Library to identify your infestation and how to control the pest problem with Eden Pest.
  • http://edenpest.com/about-us About Eden Pest - Green IPM Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest has been serving Oregon and Washington with our environmentally-friendly, custom IPM pest control solution since 1986.
  • http://edenpest.com/blog Blog - Washington & Oregon Pest Control Experts - Eden Pest - Find out what's new in ecologically-friendly pest control and how to handle seasonal pest issues in Oregon and Washington with the Eden Pest blog.
  • http://edenpest.com/contact-us Contact Eden Pest - Schedule Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Contact Eden Pest to schedule your eco-friendly, specialized pest control for home or business today. We serve Oregon and Washington.
  • http://edenpest.com/enhanced Enhanced Termite Program - Residential Pest Control in OR & WA - Eden Pest's enhanced termite program is a bi-monthly service that provides year-round termite removal and protection while protecting the environment.
  • http://edenpest.com/bed-bugs Residential Bed Bug Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Bed bug infestation is a serious problem and difficult to entirely eliminate on your own. Contact Eden Pest for safe pest control in your home today.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/hospitals-care-facilities Hospital & Care Facilities - Commercial Pest Control in OR & WA - Eden Pest understands the need for hospitals and care facilities to maintain strict hygienic standards and services your custom pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/food-processing Commercial Pest Control for Food Processing Facilities in OR & WA - Meeting the strict standards set by the AIB & FDA, Eden provides commercial pest management services customized for food processing facilities.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/dairies-ranches Commercial Pest Control for Farms, Ranches, & Dairies in OR & WA - Exceeding government regulations, Eden provides commercial pest control to protect your animals, customized for farms, dairies, and ranches.

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