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European Association for Health Information and Libraries - The European Association for Health Information and Libraries is an active association uniting librarians and information professionals working in medical and health science libraries in Europe

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  • Alexey Dmitriev - Possible SIM card compatibility issues

    I tried many watches. I was hoping that this one is good buz it's now that cheap. But it's not. I've tried T-mobile and USMobile SIM cards. Signal is strong but in one case data works but no phone call, and in other case opposite (calls ok but no data). I have to send it back :(

  • Octavio Hernandez - Lady Gaga's best album yet.

    Lady Gaga's best album yet! So I'm a huge fan of hers, from Just Dance tilll now. I love each of her albums, but it wasn't until ARTPOP (2013) that truly was the moment I knew I was going to be fan for LIFE. I seriously still do not understand and never will get why ARTPOP got so much hate, it was simply a FUN pop/ electronic album. Anyways, after that gaga decided to reinvent herself and released Cheek To Cheek, which I do not like simply because its not my type of music. It has now been 3 years since Miss Joanne has released a solo pop album! & yes I said pop, Joanne is a POP album at heart, pop music comes in many forms..