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  • Amazon Customer - Worst movie ever

    OMG - worst movie ever. Do not waste your money. Do not waste your time. If you have $5 burning a hole in your pocket for crying out loud, flush it down the toilet. If someone invites you to their house to watch this movie tell them you have a bad case of the cramps, you have the measles or a terrible toothache ... you will hate yourself if you sit through this movie. Bad acting. Bad story line. Idiotic rip-off of Close Encounters. It should have been a comedy - the effects are so bad they will make you laugh, although at the end you will cry because you literally just wasted 2 hours of your life that you will never get back.

  • mfrank - Add to value and appearance of Car

    I am happy with the appearance of these roof racks for my Honda CR-V. These would be good for some items, like bikes and canoes, etc., but for items that require a side mount they will not work unless you attach by going thru the car--not so ideal. But this because of the racks that come on the car and not these crossbars. In terms of installation, the racks installed with relative ease with slight difficulty in aligning the holes. Also the side to side adjustment is not very good as you must take them apart and adjust and then put back on the roof. This is hard to get exactly right and I should have just left them as they came. Yes I would recommend this to someone looking for appearance but not for practicality for putting storage on the roof.

  • timothy plunkett - First new bow

    Well i bought the bow because it is small and ease of set up because I have a disability and hunt out of a ground blind