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  • Michael Lynch - Nice looking watch, but lots of software bugs.

    Lots of software issues with this watch. First the temp in the Fossil Digital face does not update properly. It's 65 outside, yet my watch shows its 34. Even the Google Card is showing 65, the watch will not update. The weather says its going to be wet, yet its sunny. Also charge time is super long, I'm talking a good 4 hours to go from 20% to 95%. Other reviewers on other sites have said that the battery never hits 100% and they are correct. I think this could be a really good watch, but right now the Moto360 or even the Samsung Gear watches software wise are better than this one.

  • Steve - Wont Work

    Bought this to update my PC Tools... only the key code doesn't work. I tried several time to load the program without luck.

  • cOOkiE MonSTeR - Great for health conscious but has limitations

    Great product for health conscious people. It has a built in dock for an iPhone 4S and below. This is its downfall for if you get an iPhone 5 or 5s with the smaller lightening plug it is not compatible.

  • JesCrista Harris - So far so good! I ordered 3 of these to fit a ...

    So far so good! I ordered 3 of these to fit a galaxy S6 and a galaxy S3. Nither my husband or I have extremely bulky cases on our S6's and they fit just fine. It may be a little too tight for an otterbox or something else like that. So far we've opened up and tested 2 of the 3 purchased. We found that this would be perfect this summer when we find ourself at waterparks, the beach, fishing, etc.... Some reviews were excellent, and I found that even with the case on the quality of my pictures were not affected! I was still able to use my touch screen just fine. And I was able to take a call, although a little harder to hear, It could be done!!! What?!?! =) We have yet to fully submerge the phone itself. but we did the tissue test with both and there was no leakage. Now I can go near the pool or even in the pool without fear that I am going to drop my phone in and kill it!! I think a $7 pouch is worth saving a $500 phone. Because I'd hate to have to pay that much to replace it! Thanks for offering an affordable way for us to protect our devices! I'm sure once my daughter tries hers out we will know how it works under water lol!

  • Charles - Charges great!

    So far this charges my device very quickly. The power block has a good quality feel to it and is made of good quality materials. It has a soft touch rubber kind of feel to me. The power block plugs into my wall nice and securely. The cable is an average thickness and made of good quality materials. The black plastic ends are nice and the connectors both fit snugly when plugged in. I would recommend for anyone in need of a USB C charger.

  • T. Donaldson - Has more on it that some adult smartwatches, endless fun for kids!

    This thing has almost more on it than my Apple Watch, for 1/10 the price! My daughter never even had to read how to use it, she picked it up right away! The camera is lots of fun, it's easy to back up to my Mac. I'd give this 5 stars, but VTech's website suffered a cyber attack in November, and they still only have a notice about that up on their site, so we haven't been able to connect the watch to the website for additional games, etc.

  • KPCakes - Daughter loves it.

    My five year old daughter loves this puppy. It would be better without the loud mechanical noises he makes when he moves, but she doesn't mind. The sounds are pretty cute and there's a decent variety of sounds and movements.