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  • Brent - Easy, Sturdy, Thin

    This TV mount is just what I was looking for, it's sturdy, thin and comes with everything you need to hang it.

  • ellashiella - I like the 2014 better coz you can use your hand ...

    Im not impressed at all! I like the 2014 better coz you can use your hand gestures in selecting songs that you want. Let alone I don't like the challenges. I like the old version where you can dance whatever songs that you want and record yourself.

  • Telschow - Did not quite fit the Samsung Monitor I have though ...

    Did not quite fit the Samsung Monitor I have though it was advertised to do so. However, with a couple modifications it does the job.

  • Special K - Easy & Affordable

    I love this product and have already recommended it to several people. I am a single mom with significant health issues and knew I needed a will but couldn't afford to use a lawyer. I tried to find will's to copy online, unsuccessfully. Finally I searched on Amazon and this product came up with rave reviews. The ONLY negative reviews stated it didn't have the trust package like previous versions. NOT TRUE. I was able to purchase it for $1. Super affordable, top notch customer service and so easy to use. I would recommend doing a little at a time though as I sat down and tried to do all the documents at once. As far as I can tell, this product has everything one would need and then some.

  • Rasjin - I can't say enough good things about these

    I can't say enough good things about these. They have lasted over two years for me so far in multiple applications around my house, and I love that I don't have to perfectly line everything up as they allow some room for error when hanging pictures. So much easier than hanging pictures with a nail or screw.

  • Feejo - Surprised.

    I did watch review of Quickbooks 2010 and older versions. I checked reviews of Peachtree, not good. But I got a deal, and in no time I found everything I got in my QB 2005. I was surprised. That version is solid. Got a problem at installation, I called them, the nice support from GA, USA was calm, was speaking clearly got my installation problem solved quick. That version is similar to QB that I know, it got even more stuff for inventory. You can try the premiere version free unlimited, it email invoicing for free, a must.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy - It didn't do a great job

    I can't say I will use this again as a detangler as it didn't seem to do much to help me detangle my curls. I recommend