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  • http://dryeyes.com.au/2013/04/update-on-meibomian-gland-dysfunction-1-jim-kokkinakis-optometrist-sydney-cbd/ Update on MGD 1 - Jim Kokkinakis Optometrist Sydney CBD | DryEyes.com.au - Jim Kokkinakis Optometrist installed the LipiFlow system for dry eye management on trial last year. Dry Eyes are multifactorial and many cases have incomplete

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  • Amazon Customer - Sayman Salve

    We use this usually beyond the date as it would be a waste otherwise and seems to perform well. But I just checked on the day of this salve and Tuesday, 9/13 and the expiration date is 3/17? Only good for 6 months??

  • Meghan H. - don't even bother, this does more harm than good

    As my job did the training and certification for becoming a pharmacy tech in a retail setting, I was hoping to get a bit more study material to help pass the PTCB to possibly advance to a hospital setting. While it does cover info you need to know, it's very little for an exam book. I went out to buy one that's about the same price and the other book 2-3 TIMES BIGGER and more informative than this one!! This mainly goes over the info and gives you one test that isn't anywhere close to what the PTCB would be like. There were a few spelling errors and it mainly concentrates on math.....and by math I mean fractions!! My certification test through work wasn't anywhere close to this books teaching!! If I had not taken my test yet and only studied from this book, I would have failed my test!! HONESTLY DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! THIS BOOK IS NO HELP AND YOU'RE BETTER OFF GETTING SOMETHING ELSE!!! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review.... yeah I was given a discount on this and still wasn't worth it.....

  • nursingstudkb - LOVE

    I absolutely love this book!! It was reasonably priced ($25) and met its expectations. It is really helpful for studying for the NCLEX. It begins by walking you through what the test is and how to get acquainted with it. Then it takes you through practice questions based on certain topics and how to answer them correctly. It also provided rationales. Love this book. Couldn't have bought a better one! Smooth transaction as well.

  • KenDS - Lovely crystal

    This item came as described. I've been buying Swarovski for 20 years and recently started buying these small stars for my mother. The price is reasonable, and the stars are gorgeous. I wish this one had the year on it, since last year's small star did, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

  • Sarah Ralston - good taste with fat free milk

    ViSalus is an wonderful meal replacement when fat free milk is used, it has a wonderful creamy almost vanilla milkshake taste. It made losing weight not feel like dieting. For me this was a great alternative for breakfast and lunch it saved me money, made lunch quickly, and tasted wonderful.