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  • A. Huhn - ... our french press if one of us is feeling like a quick cup of coffee with little cleanup

    We use this in place of our french press if one of us is feeling like a quick cup of coffee with little cleanup. It does the job. Put the grounds in the little mesh bag, pour the water over it until you fill your cup, then let it sit for about 5 minutes. When you're done, you have a decent cup of coffee.

  • M. Ward - Did my return in less time than I expected. ...

    Did my return in less time than I expected. Return was accepted the 1st time. Bought it here right at the limit of what I'm willing to pay for tax software ($20). I'll stay with H&R Block Deluxe till they find a way to mess it up.

  • Amazon Customer - Used and broken

    I bought this Xbox for my boyfriends birthday and upon receiving it in the mail, the Amazon box was in perfect condition, but the Xbox box itself was all scratched up. I opened it and nothing looked damaged. When he plugged in and turned on the Xbox, it worked perfectly, or so we thought. We quickly learned that it was used, despite the fact that no where was I notified that this was a used console. Then, when trying to play a game, the disc drive sounded like a wood chipper when opening/closing and the disc would not read.

  • Chris - Still confused if it works

    Not so convinced that it worked. I cannot say that it does not work either. For sure is not a product if you aiming for an anabolic result.

  • Tanya Fonville - This is good stuff!!

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after starting to use DE. I believe the radiation treatments were less toxic to my body because of the use of this product. This product also helped me eliminate waste from my body after taking pain pills that are very constipating. Also, my b/p is down into a very good range in spite of the trauma to my body from the cancer surgery. Thank you so much for DE

  • Gavin - WOW!

    After two days my blue bags under my eyes is almost pretty much GONE!! I cannot believe it! I will continue to use this forever!