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Standard drugs and drug standards - Presentation - DRUGS is a scientific programme of the the European Science Foundation (Standing Committee for the Humanities). It aims the analysis of processes of standardization in the development, regulation, marketing, and use of modern pharmaceuticals.

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  • A. J. Wu - Perfect for office warfare

    I have owned over 8 different Nerf guns over the many years that I've been involved in office warfare, from the original N-Strike line to the new Elite guns. This little "noisy cricket" is by far the best.

  • Nanner - Great Product

    The oils are Good for your hair, plus leaves it silky and shiny with no "coated" feeling. Only takes a few drops,

  • Josh & Nikki Bird - Great price and product.

    My eyelashes are average. They aren't thin or super thick, their not long or super short either. However, I have always wished for even longer fuller lashes. I have tried other products in the past but haven't been satisfied. I like this option given that it is natural. If you use prescription it can be major $$$. They can also irriatate. This caused NO irritation. It is easy to apply also. The brush is super thin which helps you get the most precise application. You still get enough but not too much. I have noticed my lashes after a couple weeks seem fuller and longer so I am happy with this product and would recommend it. The only possible negative I can think of is the last little bit is a little hard to get out. This is a common problem with most products like this so I still gave it a 5 star. I was given this at discount to give my honest unbiased opinion which I did.

  • Stephanie - Disgusting

    This is the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. I read good reviews online without realizing they were written before the product was totally changed. I tried everything I could to hide the taste (mixing it in with oatmeal, making shakes with many other ingredients, and baking it into cookies) and nothing could hide the horrendous taste. I've decided it can't be redeemed so I'm returning it. All the positive reviews are fake. There's no possible way anyone likes this product. I highly recommend ON's extreme milk chocolate. As for you, ON, shame on you. Go back to the old formula.