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Home - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich | Health Centered Dentistry - Dr. Martha Rich has been practicing health-centered dentistry for more than thirty years. Her offices are located in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon.

  • http://drmartharich.com/about/ About - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - Dr. Martha Rich is a dentist who practices and teaches in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about her at drmartharich.com.
  • http://drmartharich.com/services/ Services - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - An overview of the dental treatment and services available at the offices of Dr. Martha Rich in Portland, OR.
  • http://drmartharich.com/resource-index/ Resource Index - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - A complete listing of all the resources created by Dr. Martha Rich to help you improve the health of your mouth, joints, muscles, and body.
  • http://drmartharich.com/blog/ Blog - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich | Health Centered Dentistry - Dr. Martha Rich has been practicing dentistry in Portland, Oregon for more than 30 years. Her blog explores preventive dental and healthcare issues.
  • http://drmartharich.com/resources/benefits-non-surgical-approach-tmj/ The Benefits of a Non-Surgical Approach to TMJ - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - Many cases of TMJ dysfunction are transient and can be stabilized with non-invasive treatment combined with a few simple changes to your self-care routine.
  • http://drmartharich.com/2014/09/problem-tmj-surgery/ The Problem with TMJ Surgery - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - TMJ surgery may be useful in repairing a recent traumatic injury. For the average TMJ patient, however, surgery may create more problems than solutions.

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  • Yolanda O'Connor - Product leaked out

    I can't say I hated this product because I never got to try it...and by the time I requested a return....it was too late...you must request return two days after you receive it......I was too busy to ask for an exchange. When I received this product, it was open and the contents inside the bottle was thick like lard...so I did not even get to try the product that remained in the bottle, it must have been sitting opened for a long time....very disappointed....

  • laura merrone - A Great Book with Some Great Insights on the United States and the Bible!

    This was a really interesting book about the Masons, Bible prophecies and others and how that all ties in with the last days we are living in. Again, Thomas Horn has done a great deal of well-footnoted research into all these areas and it reads like the DaVinci Code...lots of encrypted stuff even on the dollar bill and on some of our most famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument...Some of this stuff, I had never considered before. For example, why does the Vatican and the Capitol building have a cupola and a obelisk in the same pattern? Well, you'll find out when you read this in-depth study of ancient history and how it influences our society today...He also goes into detail about what's on the dollar bill and also the Great Seal of the United States. Really, I recommend this to anyone who wants a greater insight into all going on in today's world.

  • Russ James - 90% of these 5-star reviews are phony

    Could be a great product. I don't know. But F these guys. Checked the first 40 or so 5-star reviews and almost all them consisted of people who only reviewed Muscletech products, all with 5 stars.


    This drive failed in less than 2 months, past my amazon return date. Getting warranty service from samsung is ridiculously difficult. The existing documentation encourages the customer to use the web to open a support ticket and does not list a phone number. However, the web forms don't even list the model so you can't complete the process over the web. I wasted a lot of time trying to use their web support service.