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  • Candice - Great for unmessy sex

    It's a tiny bit too big for me, but that's just the size of my vaginal canal (by uterus is also smaller than average, according to my gyno).

  • adelaide - wired to the gills

    I just took one for the first time and it's true that for energy it is definitely an A+++++++. Warning for those with anxiety: DO NOT TAKE THESE. IT WILL FREAK YOU OUT.

  • Kris - Very Cool

    I picked this up for my 9-year old son who is a gaming nut. It's pretty cool and he'll love the section on Minecraft. It's loaded with tips and secrets and much more. The gamer in your life will love. I recommend.

  • Jason C. Mortenson - Excellent for Correcting Digestive Disorders

    Unlike most reviewers here, I am not a bodybuilder. Instead, I use protein powders for correcting digestive problems. I'm prone to bacteria imbalances and inflammation in my small intestine which make it hard for me to digest meat and cheese. Forget about building muscle. As a result, I rely on protein powders for my protein, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I get to avoid the negative side of meat consumption and besides, I get higher quality protein from whey. Over the years, I've tried many protein powders (from not only whey but also egg, soy, pea, rice, etc.). Remember that I have digestive problems, so I can tell you which ones cause symptoms and which ones don't. This Optimum Nutrition Whey is the only one that doesn't. Why? Probably because it doesn't contain a bunch of weird carbohydrates and sweeteners that ferment in my gut. This stuff is sweetened only slightly and did not cause me to bloat like so many other protein powders. Also, I've noticed that most protein blends have some other forms of protein in them, such as soy or casein. This one is 100% whey, as it should be. No hard to digest carbs, no hard to digest proteins. This brand, in my experience, is the most effective one for rebuilding a damaged intestinal lining and for easily absorbing the complete proteins that many of us have a hard time digesting.

  • Pen Name - contracted malware while installed.

    I had avast on my computer and contracted a vicious malware that is annoying as hell. I called customer support and they wanted $150 to remove it. I think this proves my point. Anti virus software manufactures are the virus creators. Talk about job security. Avast can kiss my A$&.