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Dr. Chelsea Gronick - Naturopathic Doctor in Kelowna BC - As a naturopathic doctor practicing in Kelowna, I treat you from stubborn diseases using natural and conventional approaches so you can live your best life!

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  • http://drchelseagronick.com/prp-facial-rejuvenation/ PRP Facial Rejuvenation - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - No surgery, no downtime, no side effects - all benefits! The PRP Facial Rejuvenation is a Natural Therapy that doesn’t require surgery, botox or fillers.
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  • Tatjana - This could very well be the reason...

    It's my first review on Amazon, and I made sure to remember to write it, despite having my hands full with the newborn, since I believe this tea was the reason why I had the labor and delivery I had. 33 year old first time mom, I must have read 15 books in preparation and packed all sorts of massaging and relaxation tools in my hospital bag, hoping for the natural unmedicated birth. My somewhat painful contractions started around 9:30pm. I was prepared for the long night ahead at home. Well, by 11:30 I had to wake my husband up to go to the hospital. Once we arrived, medical personnel somewhat took their time to admit me. Guess what, when they checked I was 8.5 dilated and ready to push 20 minutes later. 7 pound baby was born at 3:24am after 6 pushes, without any pain meds. According to my husband he flew out like a rocket. And did I mention it was actually on his due date. I have been drinking this tea before getting pregnant, and then starting second trimester one bag daily, sipping for 20 minutes. During last 2 weeks I used 2 bags a day. It must be the tea, since my mom was in labor with her first for over 20 hours, same as I expected for myself. Seven days later I'm drinking it to help my body heal. Don't get me wrong, labor still hurt like nothing I've felt before, but it was fast and a very profound experience. Highly recommend!

  • Faith Johnson - this is a pretty cool little gadget

    this is a pretty cool little gadget, nice lenses for the price. bought as a gift, and very well received.

  • Tanner R. - Team Haribu, The Fruitiest and the Funniest

    Wow just wow this must have been a fuc* you as an April 1st prank or something, because the laughs don't end! I thank you guys so much, now not only are the reviews hilarious, but now we can fight ISIL. I feel like these should be taken off market, but reviews are so dam hilarious! I guess.. keep on eating guys, let's keep the laughs going. Just eat over a toilet and be weary. Also amazon has some nice air fresheners, if the lady can't take it. Peace guys. And I almost forgot.. EAT UP!

  • Sabrina - Pleasantly surprised

    I don't have a lot of faith in herbal supplements. But I have actually been able to sleep at night for more than 3 hrs at a time. It just gives a sense of wellbeing. And I notice when I miss a dose. Rather than 2 at once, I take one with breakfast and one with lunch for work related stress. So far, this has been a game changer

  • P. J. WERNER - Sole F63

    Machine works really well. The tread part does seem to take awhile to get up to speed; especially if you are on the heavy side. It does get there in about 10 seconds. The machine is capable of handling someone of large size. Just note that the machine is very heavy and they do not deliver it inside if you have steps. You will need at least 2 people; 3 is better to carry it in. It is about 350 pounds and the front end carries most of the weight. Although it isn't too difficult to put together, it is helpful to have 2 people to put it together. Recommend getting the matt for underneath.

  • Sean Flanagan - Works as expected

    It is Microsoft Office that runs on a Mac, plain and simple. You get all the good and bad that comes with Office.

  • Tami Fedewa - Makes you Itch

    So I have been using this product for about 3 months when I noticed that my neck started itching really bad and the skin under my chin actually feels dead. My husband said that I have mild bumps he can see also. I am throwing it away. I have seen no changes in firmness anyway. Nasty nasty smell. Thank god I got it for around $60 but it was still a waste of money. I lost 25 lbs and my neck had firmed on its own with a low carb high fat diet. Simple with no exercise ladies. Just sayin.....