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  • SHAY RON - Awesome! It Really Works and does great with my highlighted hair. Enjoy healthy hair again with Bosley.

    This shampoo is awesome! My hairstylist recommended this to me about 6 months ago. I have an auto immune disorder which affects my hair growth and its overall health. This is my miracle worker and I'm so happy to have found it in this size for a reasonable price. I do have lots of highlights in my hair and this along with my purple shampoo make my hair super shiny and finally has body back to it! :-)

  • Saly - Real product that works :)

    I recently bought this product because I had it as part of a sample from birchbox! I love this product, I have dyed silver/grey hair and this works amazing!! I bought this here and noticed the bottle looked a little different but no worries I contacted 12 Benefits directly and they told me they have the original solid pink bottle and the white bottle was a limited stock to celebrate their 5 years :) bottle left is from birchbox and bottle right is from this company :)

  • Tonya - Better than the BJCM.

    I just sold my 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini to get this :) SO SO SO glad that I did!! Yes it does look the same but its NOT!! Britax has made very nice improvements and made this stroller a lot more user friendly.

  • John - These work well

    These things are super sticky, which can make them a bit of a pain when installing them. But they work perfectly with the mosquito system and have a lot of capacity. Occasionally I will get one that is bent out of shape and this makes it tough to install as they do fit snugly, but they work well and that is the most important thing

  • Eric Carlson - I love this little lantern

    The Vitchelo *New Release* Ultra Bright Rechargeable Camping Hanging Led Lantern Flashlight Combo for Campers Tents Outdoor - Portable & Collapsible Emergency Blackout Lights Hurricane Lamp w/ 3600 mAh Power Bank is definitely a product that the camper should never be without. I love this little lantern. Very heavy duty durable rubber outer protection, this lantern collapses so that it has a very small footprint in your backpack. The light is super bright yet has different settings to be used as a trouble light or a flashlight. This lantern will also charge your phone through its USB port. This is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. An awesome all around lantern that I highly recommend.

  • A&B DePriest - must know info

    So I performed my first treatment and everything went well until.... I have two tattoos, one on my right ankle and the other on the top of my left foot. It states in the instructions; which I read thoroughly, that it is to be used on light skin, which I have. It does not however, say anything about tattoos. I used this not thinking my tattoos would be an issue and burned the crud out of myself on each tattoo. The burns are so bad that the one on my right ankle actually is the shape of the light window, raised and is very painful and the one on my left foot is just a huge blister. Long story short, please do not let this info stop you from buying the product, I am just writing to make sure the information is out there for people like myself who research an item before purchasing so you know exactly what you are buying and that if you have a ton of tattoos, you save your money on this product. The product so far seems to be doing what it is supposed to, though it has only been one day, and overall I am happy with it.