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  • Addam - Saved my butt

    I really needed this item. It was exactly what I needed at half the price of anywhere else. Product came faster than expected and was exactly as described. Thank you so much

  • Julie - 2013 version is the book you'll want for 2014 CCA exam

    ICD-10-CM/PCS has been delayed AGAIN to October 1, 2015, therefore CCA exam candidates will continue to be tested on ICD-9-CM/PCS (per AHIMA:). The 2014 Review Guide ONLY contains study material for ICD-10. If you are planning on testing before ICD-10 is officially released, then you will want this 2013 Professional Review Guide for the CCA Examination which contains study material on ICD-9, etc.

  • DUANE J CHURCH - Great band, great album

    Great band, great album. Been waiting for this to come out for a long time!! Hopefully they will release it on Cd and Vinyl

  • Tomer Ariav - Previous editions were easier to use.

    I still did not get the results that I used to get with previous editions. Harder to find addresses, got stuck with counties from my last search and made my life a bit harder this time.

  • Able Devildog - Not what buyers are looking for which is a quick trim of fingernails

    This is a gimmick. It appeals to everyone who wants a machine to quickly file nails. This ain't it. You can do your nails faster with clippers and a file. I have to hand it though to the inventors. The part that does the work is a metal rod that has cutters that do the cutting although very slowly. But it has to be slow because if it were any faster it could do damage before the user realized it. Turning the Roto Clipper upside down makes it into a file with the back side of the cutter bar. The user inserts a fingernail into the slot but the user is never sure that the nail is in correctly which makes the product hard to use. It does a poor job on the nail corners because it is difficult to insert the corners into the slot. The user is advised to dip their nails into warm water for three minutes prior to using the product which creates more delay. Having to wet the fingers means one hand at a time so that after finishing one hand, the user must soak the other hand before using the product.. Don't have to do that with clippers and a file. Generally the user will wind up having to finish the job using a nail file. I give the inventor credit for ingenious design but it is much too slow to be of any practical use.

  • Charlotte02840 - Bobbin won't wind - no local repair shop

    I've had this machine for less than a year and have used it only a few times and already it needs to be repaired... not just lubricated or adjusted. Repaired! I can't believe it.