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  • Jazzman - Pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied.

    This is simply a great softbox, I have the 36 and 48 inch. It is a little challenging to assemble but with a little patience it can be done quickly. I installed the rods with the softbox facing down 1 by 1 until the softbox was fully expanded. Inserting the final rod was a small challenge. The light that this softbox produces is amazingly soft. The softbox is very lightweight to my surprise as I initially placed it on a cheap light stand without it tipping over, however I recommend a much more stable light stand such as a C-stand with sand bags, which I elected to place it on as the cheaper lighter stands will tip over should anyone bump this box.

  • 123Heim - Geometry Text Book

    This book has proven itself to be a very useful reference and text book. It is nicely organized and well written. We are still using it.

  • Shannon - Worked

    I bought this for someone else, it worked for their purposes, however he used it in combination with the Super Q Caps, so it's unclear exactly which one worked, if not both.

  • Brady Michael Jackson - this book rulez

    this book has everything you might need to do with your sportster. (: i will buy more from this company when i get a different bike.

  • Catherine C. - Story is meh but excellent cast!.

    Certainly not the best movie/story of the year but funny. Like always, Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange were superb!