Dense Breast Tissue, Dense Breasts, Breast Density Information | DenseBreast-info -® is a resource focused on providing breast density information for Dense Breast Tissue, 3D Mammography, Tomosynthesis, Breast MRI, Breast Ultrasound etc. so that Dense Breasts patients and health professionals both can be benefited.

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  • About Us | DenseBreast-Info -™ is an information resource focused on providing breast density information to both patients and health care professionals.
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  • Have dense breasts? Read this | DenseBreast-info - Have dense breasts? Now What? Don't worry! Here at, womens having dense breast or found a developing dense breast tissue in their mammogram report can get the proper information and instructions to decrease the risk.
  • Dense Breast Screening, Breast Density Screening, Breast Imaging | DenseBreast-Info - At DenseBreast-Info, get all the information about breast density, risk factors, additional screening and screening tools to check dense tissues.
  • FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions of Dense Breast Patients | DenseBreast-Info - Are you a Dense Breast Patient? At DenseBreast-Info, get the solution of all your doubts related to dense breast tissue, risk factors, type, Mammography, breast screening and much more.
  • Educational Videos for Dense Breast Patients | DenseBreast-Info - Watch this video of Dr. Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, FACR, of the Magee-Womens Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine sharing her personal story as well as what to know and what to do about dense breast tissue.
  • Dense Breast Information for Health Care Professionals | DenseBreast-Info - WQuicklinks, check lists that helps in treating a Dense Breast patient for Health Care providers. information about State laws on Dense Breast.
  • Flow Chart - Who Needs More Screening? | DenseBreast-Info - DenseBreast-info’s Screening Decision Support Tool helps to ensure a dense breast patient whether she needs more screening or her mammogram is enough.
  • FAQs for Health Care Providers | DenseBreast-Info - Our Health Care Providers’ FAQs helps doctors/ Health Care Providers to take the right decision on right time.
  • Risk Model Explanation for Breast Cancer | DenseBreast-Info - Our Risk Model Explanation for Breast Cancer features details and live links to several commonly utilized breast cancer risk assessment models: Gail, Tyrer-Cuzick (IBIS), Penn II, and a link to a paper describing the Claus model[vi]. None of these models include breast density in risk calculations.
  • Breast Imaging Technology, Screening Tests, Cancer Detection | DenseBreast-Info - Breast Imaging technologies and their effects. These tests help to detect, diagnose, & monitor breast cancer early.
  • 3D Mammography, Tomosynthesis, Diagnostic Mammogram | DenseBreast-info - 3D Mammography or Tomosynthesis is a new dimension in breast cancer detection. Tomosynthesis reduces the need of additional screening to evaluate areas of overlapping normal breast tissue. Also learn about Diagnostic Mammograms.
  • Breast Ultrasound for Breast Cancer screening | DenseBreast-info - Breast Ultrasound also known as ultrasound scanning is a breast screening technique. Breast Ultrasound produces breast tissue images to identify tumors and other abnormalities in breasts that may cause breast cancer.

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