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  • Thai - This product is GREAT!!!

    I am a 34yr old hispanic male that been losing my hair ever since I can remember , I was 90% bald and was not liking how I looked , I tried monoxidil for one month in the past but gave up even before I saw results cause of the cost of the drug at my local drugstores . I was surprise on how inexpensive the monoxidil was on Amazon so decide it to give a try . The product was right on time , came package in a little bag with three bottles . I was so happy to try it for a long period of time and let me tell you that I am happy with the results , I saw results with in the first month . It all starts with the growth of tiny white hairs and gradually takes color until you have a darker looking hair , I have been using it for about 5 months and I have seen some growth , I wish that I would of stayed on it when I first use monoxidil from the store but is cool , I'm happy with the results . For the price is a great steal and Im very happy and I had more growth in my frontal areas so yes It does work all the way around .. I am saying that going to have a Afro in one month but what I'm saying is a great product and I am very please with it and if you are having thoughts about using monoxidil .. Trust , me go with this product ... Inexpensive and has good results .. Hope that this was helpful information .. Love and I'm out.:-)

  • Surgeon in training - I wish I had bought this sooner!

    It is very annoying to pay $50 for a square piece of metal. However, this adapter is wonderful. We used to take our baby out in the BOB facing forward, but even at 4 months it is so much better to be able to see her, and she loves it too. We use it with the 2011 Sport Utility and the Graco Snugride 35 and it fits perfectly. It is so much better to take the BOB than the Graco stroller adapter which has tiny wheels and jostlers her with every bump.

  • Lizz Hetrick - winner here!

    My husband keeps his hair very short, always has and so does our son. This is the second exactly same one we have bought and he loves it. Just make sure you open it up from time to time to empty out all the collected hair to make it last. Our mistake on the first one, but still ladies over a year being used weekly on two heads!

  • Katie Bargainer - somewhat works for us

    So we have a cat that used to spray everywhere. It was so bad at one point we were thinking we would have to make him an outdoor cat. Our vet recommended this product so we broke down and tried it. We've had 3 plugins for about two weeks now. We've seen a major difference in this cat. He doesn't pee everywhere like he used to. There are still some areas he does still pee in and some times he still does so but its about 85% better than it was. The package also says it can take up to 3 weeks to kick in the first time and we've only been using it for 2 so there is still room for improvement!

  • T&C - okay bike, not what I expected

    The bike was shipped and delivered as expected. Assembly was fairly easy but no instructions. The quality of the parts are just fair. The gold on the rims wears off when braking. Overall a decent bike but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

  • Courtney - Awesome Product!

    My husband and I bought this product after it was not purchased off of our wedding registry. We LOVE it! It is so fast and blends perfectly! We use the single serve cups to make protein shakes in the morning and it literally takes 3-5 seconds to mix them. I've also used it to make mashed potatoes and cookie dough, which both turned out great! The only down-side is that it is very loud (my sister stayed at our house one night and asked me after she got up in the morning why my husband was using some kind of power tool so early, I explained it was the ninja) For us, the noise is worth the speed and power!