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DARADIA - Got Best Pain Clinic in India Award - We treat headache, back pain, neck pain, cancer pain, slip disc, spondylosis, arthritis..We practice evidence based medicine & follow most recent guidelines. We got 'Best Pain Clinic' & 'Excellence in Pain Practice' awards.

  • http://daradia.com/health_tips DARADIA - Health tips - Read articles related to pain management. Know your pain better. Prevent recurrences...
  • http://daradia.com/health_tips/myths_in_pain_management DARADIA - Myths in Pain Management - Myths & Facts in Pain ManagementDr. Sunita LawangeThere are various myths which have been incorporated in the chronic pain patients' mind through various media, relatives etc. They not only make them suffer but also play an important role in changing their
  • http://daradia.com/health_tips/5_common_myths_in_back_pain DARADIA - 5 Common myths in back pain - Myths in back painWritten by RammurthiThere are many myths in low back pain regarding diagnosis and treatment among the general population. Let us see what are these myths and what are facts.Myth-1 Forward bending is very harmful in all back painFact: In c
  • http://daradia.com/health_tips/rheumatoid_arthritis DARADIA - Rheumatoid Arthritis - (1) What is rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?RA is one kind of arthritis (Arthritis means inflammation of joints). About 1 in 100 people develop RA at some stage in their lives. It can happen to anyone. It is not an hereditary disease. It can develop at any age,
  • http://daradia.com/health_tips/8_common_myths_in_headache DARADIA - 8 Common myths in headache - Myths in headacheWritten by Dr. Ashok Jadon MD, FIPPHeadache is very common and all of us suffers from it at some time in our life. But if it is severe, if it is coming again & again, we are worried very much. Fortunately most headaches are not serious. Bu
  • http://daradia.com/health_tips/myths_in_joint_pain DARADIA - Myths in joint pain - Myths in joint painR GurumoorthiThere are many misbelieves (myths) regarding joint pain not only among the general population but also among the treating physicians. These myths are obstacles in the management of the joint pain. Understanding and accepting
  • http://daradia.com/appointment DARADIA - Appointment|Pain Clinic|Kolkata|India - Medical services, DARADIA, Appointment|Pain Clinic|Kolkata|India, Daradia: The Pain Clinic, Concord Tower, 2nd Floor,, 92/2A Bidhan Nagar Road, Ultadanga, besides Coal India 'ROHINI', Kolkata, West Bengal
  • http://daradia.com/conference_by_daradia DARADIA - International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain 2016 - International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain-2nd Edition, 2016ICRA-PAIN 201626-28 Aug ’16, KolkataA pain conference to discover a new researcher inside you. for more information and registration mail at [email protected]
  • http://daradia.com/tailored_course DARADIA - Tailored course | Pain & Spine interventions|Workshop - Our pain clinic was awarded best pain clinic. Tailored pain course/fellowship is organized by us includes interventional pain procedures including C-arm & USG guided pain procedures. There is Medical council accreditation with cme credit points.
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia DARADIA - Pain Management Courses at Daradia - Medical services, DARADIA, Pain Management Courses at Daradia, Daradia: The Pain Clinic, Concord Tower, 2nd Floor,, 92/2A Bidhan Nagar Road, Ultadanga, besides Coal India 'ROHINI', Kolkata, West Bengal
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/pain_management_courses DARADIA - Pain Management courses|Workshops|Fellowships - Aesculap Academy Pain Management Courses at DARADIA: The Pain Clinic There will be evaluation tests at the end of two weeks and three months courses. Completion certificates will be provided only after successful completion.Click here to enroll in our cou
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/course_details DARADIA - Course details - We arrange training on pain management for interested doctors. It is arranged in association with AESCULAP ACADEMY. Apart from our popular two weeks Fellowship on Pain Management we are organizing other Aesculap Academy courses on Pain Management. Here emi
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/fellowship DARADIA - Fellowship - One Year Fellowship in Pain Management ScopeA period of specialised postgraduate training for clinicians which will enable the graduate of such a programme to properly asses and manage patients with chronic pain of all types and to understand the sciences
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/2_weeks_course_details DARADIA - 2 weeks pain management course - Two weeks Course on Pain Management: "Introduction to Pain Management"2 weeks courses at Daradia are accredited with 36 CME credit points by State Medical CouncilIt is a two weeks' course on pain management where stresses has been given to the basics of p
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/workshop DARADIA - Workshops on Pain | Short Course on Pain Management - 3 days' Workshop on Spine & Pain InterventionsIt is an intensive workshop on interventions for spine & pain management to cover most interventional procedures, both C-arm guided procedures & USG guided procedures.Why at Daradia?Most renowned pain training
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/for_anesthesiologists DARADIA - Pain course for Anesthesiologists - Majority of Anesthesiologists are not happy with their income & recognitionIn a survey conducted by Daradia among anesthesiologists came at Daradia aged between 35 to 55 years, we found these interesting information:85% feels that their social life is not
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/for_orthopedicians DARADIA - Pain Management for Orthopedicians - The patients who visit an Orthopedic doctor are mostly complaing of some kinds of pain. But there are limitation in the ways an orthopedic surgeon diagnose or manage painful conditions. Conservative management, physical therapy and surgeries are not enough
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/for_physiatrists DARADIA - Pain courses for Physiatrists - Majority of patient seen by a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist are suffering from pain. And conservative management & physical therapy have limitations. We reccommend 2 weeks course or workshops for physiatrists.
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/cadaver_workshop DARADIA - - Daradia Pain Clinic & anesthesia dept of NEIGRIHMS, Shillong will be organizing  cadaver workshop at NEIGRIHMS, Shillong 26-27 March, 2016Registration fee:Rs. 9000 for general delegatesRs. 7000 for PGTCombo registration with International Conference on Rec
  • http://daradia.com/pain_courses_at_daradia/pain_course_at_indonesia DARADIA - Pain Course for Indonesian Doctors - Daradia: The Pain Clinic has started courses & workshop in association with Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. The courses are successfully organized since 2011. This courses are organized regularly 3-4 times in a year.This co
  • http://daradia.com/course_registration DARADIA - Course Registration - How to applySteps of Registration:1. Fill in the online application below below.2. Pay registration fee online (Rs 4000 for Indians, $ 250 for International & NRI) & confirm registration. Pay registration fee online & confirm registration3. Pay remaining
  • http://daradia.com/intrathecal_pump DARADIA - Intrathecal Pump|Morphine Pump|Baclofen Pump - Intrathecal pump is a advanced pain procedure. A small device is implanted under skin by minor surgery, under local anaesthesia. From this device small amount of medicine is continually delivered at spinal cord. It is 300 times stronger than oral medicine.
  • http://daradia.com/award_by_daradia DARADIA - Pain Physician of the Year Award by Daradia - We have started 'Susan Raj Pain Physician of the Year Award' to encourage young pain physicians by recognizing their researches, social services and academic achievements. 1st award ceremony were attended by international stalwarts and was very gorgeously

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