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  • Shayne - Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums

    Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums. Joanne is definitely different for the most part, but it's also really good. Gaga put her heart into this and you can really tell. (Not that she didn't in her previous albums.) This one is definitely less pop/electronic, but if you love Gaga's voice and creativity and are a fan for life, you'll still love this one. Diamond Heart is my personal favorite on here, I think it's genius and absolutely love the beat and drums. I also loved Perfect Illusion when it came out. Grigio Girls is a really charming and good song too; I like it a lot. There are definitely quite a few slow songs on this album but they have such character and meaning. And I always end up liking most things from Lady Gaga. :)

  • Amazon Customer - Great program, like it better than online current version.

    Long time user of MS Access. Needed to get a current license for new computer so had to buy another copy. This is new and had no problems setting it up and registering.

  • D. L. - I wont go into detail because every good thing has already been said about this product :-)

    I will leave a simple review and not go into detail, I used to like to get into detail with my AV programs and firewalls but nowadays I just want a program I can leave alone and not have to worry about checking up on it 24/7, Avast is the program.

  • Trowedesiguys - Good, but not perfect

    This thermometer is a good buy. Showed the temperature pretty accurately. In terms of consistency, I would rate it 3.5/5, as there were inconsistencies on consecutive tests. However, I like the fact that was easy and quick to handle, especially with a cranky kid.