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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Gailey Tugadi - Works as a jumpstart to weightloss

    Works well. Did not loose 10lbs but did loose 5 with exercise as well. Used this as a kick start to a weightloss regime. Make sure to drink lots of water. This also kept my sugar cravings to a minimum as it is already sweet. Reminds me of thicker orange juice. Will purchase again

  • Rhea T. Verzo - great for eczema

    My baby had eczema and all the other milk was causing her skin to be rough. My doctor recommended this milk and it works great. Her skin is smooth and her gas has calmed down tremendously!

  • michelle b - This is very easy to understand and use

    This is very easy to understand and use . I got this because some how my tablet does not read sd cards any more , and with out me able to put the sd card in I could not save my pictures because I could only find cord that hook to a usb and not a phone or android . This helps so much , All I have to do is take the couple of pictures I save on my tablet . hook up my tablet ( plugging in to this ) And it will let me save my pictures to whatever sd I want or if I wanted to do it the other way around and take something from my sd card and put it on my tablet and or phone.

  • Ginger - My dog almost died!

    My dog had a flea and the vet was closed so I bought HARTZ Ultra Guard Plus flea & tick shampoo. I have a chihuahua, she may be about 6 lbs. I bathed her in this shampoo and within hours her pupils were dilated, she was acting totally skiddish and as if she couldn't see. as the hours went by she could barely walk, wouldn't get up and couldn't see. I thought she was going to die. after bathing her in regular shampoo, holding her close in her blanket and hand feeding her she started to come around. DO NOT BUY ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS!!! thank god my little baby girl didn't die!

  • Amazon Customer - I Didn't go Bananas for Yonanas

    As much as I was excited to use the machine after enjoying some frozen yogurt at my friends house with her machine I was very disappointed in my own. I froze 4 whole bananas and did everything I was supposed to do, let them thaw for 15 minutes and put them in one at a time.. I wasn't getting anything out of the machine! After forcing more bananas into the machine I may have got 1 1/2 entire bananas out of it, the rest was stuck in the machine. No, it didn't come out smooth and creamy like the presentation. It was clogged the whole time. This was my first Amazon return.