Crosspoint Imobiliare | Proprietati Premium in Bucuresti - Crosspoint Imobiliare este o divizie a Crosspoint Investment Banking and Real Estate specializata in tranzactii imobiliare premium, in Bucuresti.

  • Despre noi - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint este una dintre cele mai experimentate case de investitii din Romania, cu doua divizii: Crosspoint Imobiliare si Corsspoint Investment Banking
  • Contact - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Contact - Crosspoint Imobiliare, Primaverii nr. 29, Bucuresti, Dover Street, London
  • Apartament - Proprietati Imobiliare Premium - Cumpara apartament - proprietati imobiliare premium, rezidential, Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Arcul de Triumf
  • Casa/Vila premium - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Cumpara casa/Vila premium in Bucuresti-Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Arcul de Triumf, Victoriei, Polona, Pipera
  • Birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare, 1 mai, Kiseleff, Pipera, Aviatiei, Herastrau, Romana, Polona, Rosetti
  • Cumpara, comercial, crosspoint imobilare - Cumpara, comercial, crosspoint imobilare, Rosetti, Primaverii, Herastrau, Pipera, Nord, Herastrau, Arcul de Triumf, Victoriei, Dorobanti, Romana
  • Terenuri - proprietati imobiliare premium - Cumpara Terenuri, proprietati premium in Bucuresti, Pipera, Primaverii, Polona, Romana, Regie, Stefan cel Mare, Unirii, Barbu Vacarescu, Baneasa, Aviatiei
  • Inchiriaza apartament - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriaza apartament premium in Bucuresti, Aviatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera, s.a.
  • Inchiriaza Casa/Vila - Crosspoint imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriaza Casa/Vila in Bucuresti, Aviatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera, s.a.
  • Inchiriere birouri - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Inchiriere birouri, proprietati imobiliare premium in Bucuresti, Primaverii, Victoriei, Pipera, Dorobanti, Aviatiei, Cotroceni s.a.
  • Comercial - Inchiriaza proprietati - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare premium, Comercial - Inchiriaza proprietati in Bucuresti, Aviatiei, Kiseleff, Dorobanti, Herastrau, Polona, Romana, Primaverii s.a.
  • Vinde - Crosspoint Imobiliare - Crosspoint Imobiliare-Vinde proprietati imobiliare premium in Bucuresti,viatiei,Kiseleff,Dorobanti,Herastrau,Polona,Romana, Primaverii,Cotroceni,Pipera,s.a.

    Country:, Europe, RO

    City: 25 , Romania

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  • eaglesnester9er - so easy to install

    go to You tube and follow the instructional easy to do! Dont bother to read the instruction paper they provide in the box because it is only confusing and whoever put that thing together probably is unemployed today. Makes my Unlimited Sport model look like the Oscar Mike, Safari or Rubicon which have this standard. Had it installed within half hour....adds style to fuel cap by adding the door....also protects from mud, sand and snow from collecting inside....must have!

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  • Anna - Plain cream.

    I choose three star rating because it is plain cream. I used this cream during two weeks, but unfortunately it didn't help for bruises on my fingers. I will not recommending this cream, it is not working for me.

  • Nancy Larios - Satisfied

    I have owned this product for 2 years now and am pretty happy with the results. I dont believe this is a permanent hair removal product as some of my hair still grows back after a few months. A few months without hair is a luxury! And some hair does not grow back at all. I get a lot of ingrown hairs in my bikini area and this product has helped get rid of that problem. I still do monthly maintenance to keep the hair away. I dont know if the hair that still grows will stop growing back if I keep at it or if I discontinue use, will all the hair grow back? I dont know. But for the time being, I'm satisfied that it is at least a very long-term hair removal product.

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