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  • KennethF - BE QUIET When You're Not Lost !!!

    I bought five mynt's so far, four as gifts and one for myself, and I'm regretting it. The concept is nice but the software needs better documentation and finer control over the features (unless it's already there and I can't find it ... see comment about documentation). I have the same problem as other reviewers -- my Mynt beeps at the wrong time!!! I only want the Mynt to beep when I'm looking for it, with the app sending out the "turn on your beep now" commands. I don't want my Mynt beeping when it loses connection to the phone. EVER!!! I don't see a way of disabling the "beep when alone" feature .. so I can't leave my keys by my bed if I go downstairs for a midnight snack, as it'll wake my wife. I can't go for a morning run unless I take my keys, leaving them behind wakes my wife. I also bought her two Mynts, but they also beep at the wrong times. She wants to throw all three in the trash.

  • For the right person, this book is profound - For the right person, this book is profound

    Parachute is not for everyone. If you dislike thinking about your life, values, spirituality, and your goals, you will find What Color Is Your Parachute ? incomprehensible. If you want a quick fix to your life/work problems, Parachute doesn't offer you a quick fix.

  • tomato - Great

    This thermometer is fantastic. The last time my toddler was sick, I was using a forehead thermometer, an underarm thermometer, as well as a oral thermometer, because they were all reading a little differently and I did not know which one to trust. His temperature was getting concerning rapidly, and I felt so helpless, because I felt like I wasn't getting good information as to how his fever was progressing. The forehead thermometer was the one that he tolerated the best, but it was the one that seemed most inaccurate.

  • taniki - It really works

    The beginning of this year got my catalytic converter and o2 sensor replaced bank 2 because of the code and I went to the deadealership cost about 900. SO my check engine light came on recently stating the same code but now it was bank 1. I have a 03 Honda Accord. It was hard for me to believe that this would happen again. So I did a little research and found this. I Bought it at my local AutoZone. Within 10 minutes of putting this in my tank my light went off. Then I went and got my car inspected. it's been about 5 days now and the light has not come back on.