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  • Shane - Very happy with floor mats !

    Fit was perfect. They have the holes for factory retainer brakets and stay where they should. Very good looking too. Shipped with good packing . Original OEM product.

  • Pedals and Pinheads - Not sure what happened to everybody else, but...

    I bought it when it came out for my Windows 7 x64 installs, and it's been fantastic. I use an eSATA enclosure for a 1.5TB drive to backup my 300GB+ of applications, videos, and virtual machines (VMware Workstation) and it runs weekly. I've done two different complete system restores (once using USB, and the other time using eSATA), along with several file level restores and the product has been fantastic. This is with the original release of this product, and now there's an update to deal with the BSOD for certain driver and hardware combinations.

  • Haley Jennifer - Different than advertised

    Mine arrived different than advertised. They're advertised as having a tab piece attached to the buds that are meant to hold the buds in the ear, but the ones I received do not have the attached piece.. not sure if I'm missing something or what? Otherwise they work okay. Not the longest battery life compared to other buds available on amazon, but they charge super quick.

  • Amazon Customer - Overrated.

    Compared to other hair oils, this one always gets recommended to me and I don't know why. Even when you get it out of the bottle, the oil just seems a bit...runny. While I use the oil to give my hair a bit of a greasy look, it's really there so that I don't have dry hair. The old unlabeled oil that I bought at a market ran out, so I grabbed this thinking it would compare and it really doesn't. It makes my hair seem heavy and it just doesn't distribute well.