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  • bellefour - Yes this REALLY works

    Tight muscles, cramps, migraines, muscle twitches, insomnia, be gone! This stuff works instantly. Longer term use has helped this family systemically with IBS (easily upset stomach) and regulation of neural and hormonal body systems. My finicky kids will drink the plain flavor in water. A cheap and effective fix for so many things (google it). Should be a staple in every household.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Software, Customer Support Difficult to Contact As If It Were By Design

    The software works very well however customer support is almost non-existent, and I've been trying to reach their customer support operation for several weeks now to resolve an inaccurate device count that the software is reporting via a personal security report (PSR). This software allows 3 installations. I've only installed it on one PC and had hoped to install it on my daughter's MAC. Finally found a working phone number to their customer support and was advised that they could NOT correct the inaccurate device count listed in the PSR. However, the device count listed in my online Webroot account is correct. I paid for a software program but also paid for the customer and tech support to back it up. You have to search to find the links and contact information to get customer support hence the one star.

  • Alex N - Order a size up if you are close to the next size, the compression can be a bit tight if you are on the mark.

    The color is nice, but I would have preferred if the whole sleeve were all a uniform black, it would look a lot cleaner but this design is still good, not too distracting or flashy when at the gym. If you are close to the next size up or close to the middle, then I definitely recommend ordering the next size up for a good fit and comfort. The compression knee sleeves are bit tight on me, I ordered a medium and the length around my knee is 13.6 in, which is still less than 14.2 for medium, but it is still a bit tight for me. The sleeve still fits me but it is slightly constricting. Being so tight, the sleeves do not slip down or roll at all for me. It does seem to help with the pressure on my knees when I am squatting, but I worry that as I keep lifting weights the muscles around my thighs and legs will continue to grow making the knee sleeves more and more constricting, for now it fits and I am still 13.6 which is a little tight for me. If you are a in the middle of the size chart or you think your muscles will get bigger around your legs order the next size up for the best comfort and fit. I got the compression knee sleeves for a discount for reviewing purposes, but came here to drop the honest truth.

  • ashley - Great, but wish it didn't have the Echinacea

    My kids love these, and I would use them regularly if it weren't for the echinacea, as there is conflicting reports on this supplements long term impact on the immune system. I usually start giving these vitamines at the first sign of a runny nose or cough and it seems to help. Otherwise I give it a few times a week.

  • Brian Bunge - rub the wrists on neckline and it creates a fantastic scent that lasts for most of the day and ...

    My go-to daily scent for a few years now. 1 spray on the wrists, rub together, rub the wrists on neckline and it creates a fantastic scent that lasts for most of the day and doesn't overpower. I get compliments on it quite often.

  • Tina Huston - Turn And Run Away Fast!

    Turn and run from Bitdefender. This company is nothing but a scam. They will take your money and their software does not work. Then they put you through hell trying to troubleshoot the pc. They will NEVER get back to you per their promise to solve the problem within two days. Then, you will get no refund for all of the trouble. You will end up having to take your pc to someone to run malware software and get it fixed. This company is based entirely in Romania. These people have no morals whatsoever. You will have your time and resources thoroughly abused by this company and they will not care and will not take one shred of responsibility for it. They are not regulated or accountable to any agency. Turn and run from bitdefender.

  • aholl40 - Holy Basil is Great

    I started taking holy basil about a month ago. I realized after 2 weeks how calm and relaxed I was. I work in a middle school and it has really helped my nerves and my female issues. I recommended holy basil to a friend and she reported she could tell a difference after the first day. I'm going to check on her status in about 2 weeks to see how well she's doing. I recommend this product to everyone. Just remember, your body reacts differently to vitamins than your neighbor's body. I'm glad I found it! Thanks Dr. Oz.