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  • Pete in GA - Fast Charger for Galaxy Note 7

    Very happy with this charger! Keep in mind I bought this for my Note 7. With the Note 7, it does go from blue to green, indicating fast charging. The phone also indicates the same. When I charge an S7 Edge, it does not go to green, making me think fast charging is not working right. Either way, good charger, works well, and I would recommend it!

  • jimczer - Penetrex is Amazing!

    I don't write many reviews but I felt compelled to write this one. I've seen lots of products out there that claim to do things but one you try it, it does nothging but not in this case. I have been suffering from severe Tendonitis in my elbow whiich has been causing me major discomfort and impact my life. I've been to a doctor and he gave me suggestions on what I can do and told me it could take a year to go away and thats if I'm careful with it. I could get a cortizone shot but I have never had luck with that and my surgeon told me it weakens and damages the tissue and he doesn't recommend I do it. I have tried topical and medication like Ibuprofin and tylenal but nothing has relieved the pain and burning from my Tendonitis in my elbow. I have trouble even sleeping from the pain.

  • Amazon Customer - Incomplete Download-Refunded

    I was not able to download MS Acess probably because of the vast distance between Afghanistan and where ever Amazon server is located. I am very thankful for the quick refund and understanding...

  • Glinda - an old fave

    I've loved this song from my first purchase of it in 45 rpm format! When it played so appropriately during a favorite t.v. series we repurchased it for our collection.