HealthSource Chiropractic CareStephen Tashiro | Healthsource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab - Our office is a member of the HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness system. We supply knowledge, skills and procedures tailored to your needs.

  • Chiropractic Care in Lakewood Colorado - Stephen TashiroStephen Tashiro - Chiropractic care allows your body to function at its highest level, and can stop problems from developing in the first place. We care for the entire body.
  • Spinal Decompression - Denver Front RangeStephen Tashiro - DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy is a FDA-cleared, non-surgical alternative for disc related syndromes of the lumbar and cervical spine.
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - Lakewood, COStephen Tashiro - Metabolic support (programs) are based on specific Lab Panels, including: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive Thyroid Panel, Complete Lipid Panel, CBC (Complete Blood Chemistry).
  • Brain Based Therapy - Lakewood, COStephen Tashiro - We Brain Based Therapy designed to stimulate a specific area of the brain and get those neurons firing, our methods are designed to produce positive changes
  • Oxygen Concentrator - Denver Metro AreaStephen Tashiro - The Oxygen Concentrator method of prolonging your life is so simple that it is hard to believe it could work, but it does...
  • Chronic Pain Relief - Denver Metro AreaStephen Tashiro - Chronic Pain Conditions DO NOT get better by themselves... and the "Normal Medical Approach" is to help ACUTE care.... NOT CHRONIC CARE
  • Microcurrent Treatment - Lakewood, ColoradoStephen Tashiro - Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of relieving nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions.
  • Rebuilder Peripheral Neuropathy - Colorado Front RangeStephen Tashiro - Doctors and clinics all over the world are recommending the ReBuilder Peripheral Neuropathy System. Fast, safe, effective, proven!
  • Healthlights - Red Light Therapy - Denver, COStephen Tashiro - Pulsed red light therapy helps to relieve pain and speed up the healing process! Infrared Light Therapy is an FDA-cleared process.
  • Chronic Back and Neck Pain - (lower back pain)Stephen Tashiro - We can greatly reduce the re-occurrence of lower back pain or neck pain once the pain is gone, you must follow your recommended prevention program.
  • Thyroid Disorders, Hypothyroidism - Lakewood, COStephen Tashiro - Hypothyroidism symptoms include: Fatigue, cold hands or feet, excessive sleep requirements, weight gain, constipation, depression, morning headaches, thinning hair, skin and scalp dryness, mental sluggishness.
  • Irritable Bowel - (ibs symptoms) - Denver, COStephen Tashiro - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS or spastic colon) is characterized by chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, and alteration of bowel habits.
  • Diabetes Treatment - Lakewood, ColoradoStephen Tashiro - Diabetes - a sneaky, potentially disabling epidemic is sweeping America as we speak. Our treatment is completely DIFFERENT from any doctor you have seen
  • Peripheral Neuropathy - Lakewood, COStephen Tashiro - Peripheral neuropathy causes stabbing pain, tingling, numbness, cold, burning in feet and hands. Peripheral neuropathy pain affects life in a profound way.
  • Treatment for Balance Disorder (dizziness)Stephen Tashiro - With Balance Disorders symptoms include dizziness, light-headedness, and others, there’s a lot of frustration with conventional treatments that don’t work.

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  • Sam Stone - Good product, bad bottles.

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    i get this item with a discount from the seller, i heard about this supplement before but never has the opportunity to try it. and i can said is great, it help you have better vision, your eyes wakeup on the morning clear, no more blurry vision g the day, now i see better long distances and also i see better short distances, it safe to use with no secondary effect because is natural