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  • Amazon Customer - Gave me the newer model

    This model being sold is a great kit. Mine got stolen & I had to buy a replacement. To my surprise, they sent me the newer model. The hammer drill has the 3 light settings & the impact driver has the 3 power settings. I also got the newer, slimmer charger. Lucky me.

  • Concerned One - review for immersion 7 disc box set.

    I must start with the fact that I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd, and already have every scrap of material that I can own from them. So why purchase this? For me it was to be a completist. I have the other two new immersion box sets, so I have to get this. If you are not like me, and just want what is absolutely new (the two demo discs), then the experience 4 disc version would do just fine for you, and save you a lot of cash. The contents of 4 of the discs are previously release (the wall album and is there anybody out there live cd's), but remixed. The remixing is really not that special for me. The 2 demo discs were the must haves for me, and they are pretty cool to hear what was going on through the evolution of this album. The dvd was not that great, has a documentary on the movie that was previously released on 20th anniversary wall dvd and concert films, but not worth extra cash from casual listeners. The packaging is good, artwork excellent, and coasters, marbles, and scarf neat also. This would have been the be-all, end all box set and gotten 5 Stars from me had they just took the time and put a blu ray version of The Wall film in here or a live recording of the wall performance with the original members from that time period, or best if both. Overall, get the experience edition unless you get the good deal I did and have the shelf space and extra cash to purchase this.

  • Debi Hendricks - ... a free sample from PINHCme - i am actually pretty grossed out by the thought of using this

    received a free sample from PINHCme - i am actually pretty grossed out by the thought of using this... I am sure it works great as all Raid products do... but fearful of the results.

  • Gorilla Boy - If the manual were missing you would mortgage your house to get this book

    To whom it may concern--Access is not an easy program to digest--one has to want to learn how--Microsoft even has special technicians within the Office 2010 department that handle only ACCESS--so how easy do you think it is? This book is worth every penny; notwithstanding; I have yet to find any book in the Missing manual series that is not much better than any alternative offered by any other publisher. Not to purchase this book is being grossly unjust to yourself! The book has larger than normal fonts--use your glasses anyway--it is well-written and well-indexed. It is the best of all possible alternatives.

  • R. A. Jones - Long-time user is happy to upgrade.

    I am an accountant, and I have been using QuickBooks software for about 16 years now. It is by far the best software out there for small businesses. It is true that if you have a payroll subscription you must upgrade every 3 years, but I really don't see that as a negative. How do you expect a software company to make any money if they sell it to you once, and never upgrade? That's not greed, it's just business.

  • Nicole - Works pretty good. I noticed my teeth are a little ...

    Works pretty good. I noticed my teeth are a little whiter but I've used other products that work better. This works just takes a while to notice a difference. I received a sample product for review purposes. The Company/Seller did not influence in anyway how I rate this product. What I wrote in my review, whether good or bad, is voluntary and entirely my own with the intent of helping Amazon Customers make the right buying decision. I hope this was helpful!!