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  • Laurence Shipman - Started bubbling up after the first rain / freeze!!

    I used this last August on a large deck that is made up of two sections, one old section done years ago with solid stain and a new section with bare boards. I followed all directions including power washing and letting it dry completely for several days. It came out looking fantastic! However in November with the first rain / freeze, the old section started bubbling up in big patches. It's now March and most of this section has peeled up. Today I powerwashed the remaining bits off. The new section with the bare wood still looks great with NO bubbling / peeling.

  • Jessica Harlan - Not a miracle pill, but really BOOSTS your weightloss

    When I get into a plateau I take this supplement to help me over. It gave me energy and I started to loose quicker. KEY NOTE HERE.... quick-ER. You have to actually be trying to loose weight for it to be a weightloss supplement! I have worked out while taking this and while not taking this and the weightloss is quicker while on the supplement. I can't say it will work on everyone.... but it worked for me.

  • Annie Oakley - Excellent Hair Spray . . .

    This hair spray is a MUST HAVE for any type hair. I really like it and even bought some for my daughter in law. It was a fair price online and a little more expensive in the stores.

  • J. Hughes - Goliath is a Giant Success

    Totally drew me in! I thought I would watch an episode or two at dinnertime, but low and behold, the season 1 series was finished by 3:30 am. I tend to be a night owl while my more reasonable husband hits the sack earlier, but not for this, he was up with me until the end. The experience of following the characters and plot was more like watching a very good movie, and who leaves in the middle of a great movie? So we watched Goliath to its conclusion and were not disappointed. Great acting by the entire cast and Billy Bob Thorton played his character superbly and most believably. If there is a season 2 we will check it out, but for now, this story is complete. Thanks Amazon for an amazing experience!

  • Erin - Great Results, but Terrible Program

    I recently completed the 9 Day Cleanse. I lost 15 lbs and nearly 16 inches, so I am thrilled with the results. I was a healthy size to begin with, so I was only expecting to lose about 5 lbs. I couldn't be happier with the results. I did the vanilla. The shake was palatable, I'd even go so far as to say it's pretty good, just make sure you blend it with ice. I made the mistake of throwing it in a glass with some water at work and stirring it, and it was chunky and awful. The Cleanse for Life berry juice was nasty at the beginning, but I got used to it. I also found that, at night, mixing it with hot water made it taste better and it was really soothing. If you're a tea drinker, it's great.

  • Jeff Moe - A must read for those who want to be known as a good investor/businessman

    Warren Buffett revealed his secret sauce in his annual letters. It's been my investing bible since I started investing in late 1999.