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  • Christina T. - Happy with product

    I started using Shredz For Women as a supplement for my weight loss efforts. My original goal was to lose 50lbs and I'm already half way there after about two months of use. Not too shabby! It really is great with fat burning and the results it promises are real. This thing works. I chose it over other products for two reasons: 1) because it has been specifically formulated for women and with the female body and metabolism in mind, so I felt I wanted something this specialized, and 2) because a coworker of mine had been using it with very good results, so I got to see how it worked with my own eyes before I ordered and started to use it myself. I have tried other products before with moderate or no success, so the fact that Shredz actually delivered in the fat burning department has been a very positive surprise for me. It is the best fat burning product I've used to date and I intend to continue with it. I am optimistic that I will manage to reach my slimming goal by the end of the summer.

  • BGregory - and this ended up being a great choice. It's very stable with overclocking

    I wanted to try something different, and this ended up being a great choice. It's very stable with overclocking, and also runs nice and cool. Be careful in processor selection if you plan to fill your PCIe slots with high bandwidth cards. But with an EVGA 780ti Classified together with this board, it's amazingly fast. Almost enough for Windows!!! ;-)

  • Doris - Great Goldenseal Root.

    This is a very good quality Goldenseal Root. We use is just like you would an antibiotic. It clears up sore throats, ears, bladder problems and it does not destroy your digestive bacteria system like antibiotics do. The Goldenseal ROOT is stronger than the LEAF so that's why you pay more for ROOT. It works better.

  • Andrew - I like it.

    First off I'll start by saying that I own all of the current gen consoles (Wii U, XboxOne, and PS4) and also all of the consoles from last gen (360,ps3, wii). At first when the Xbox One was discussed at E3 I was a bit concerned.It seemed like the brand was taking a turn in a bad direction. but after the smoke cleared and the console launched I can say that I am very glad I got one. The Kinect which I thought was silly actually turned out to be great for me and I use it every day (works 9/10 of the time for me). The time you save by skipping all the menus to go to something is great. I can also say that the games out right now (while somewhat lacking) are A LOT better than what the PS4 has right now. (Killzone and overpriced Indie games). If you are on the fence I would highly recommend this console.

  • Angela Borden - Surprised at the pain relief so far

    I have very very bad pain in my shoulders arms and collarbones almost on a daily basis. My husband has disk degenerative disease. So we both suffer from pain issues. I saw this on Amazon, and after reading thought I might give it a try. It shipped really fast and also arrived very quickly. Thankfully it came in today on an extremely bad pain day for me. I had taken ibuprofen with no relief at all. I decided to try using this on the arm that hurts, I figured that it could not hurt. Open opening the first thing that hit me was the smell of mint and a lemony scent. I no that spearmint is good for a localized pain reliever. Lemon grass oil has been known to be great for arthritis and muscular pain when applied to the painful area. So I already was happy with that. After reading the ingredients on the side I saw menthol which is a good pain remedy, and also chamomile, sandalwood, and juniper which are all great for pain relief. So I applied some, not a lot mind you, to the pained area and I was having relief in minutes. It did not stop completely, but there was a big difference in the margin of pain. I wad actually able to enjoy my evening with my kids and not be crippled by my pain and have to pop ibuprofen constantly. I will continue to use this and will update after a more prolonged use and update on my experience. I received this Hot cream by baebody in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.