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  • Ennoble - quality lacking

    With all the great reviews that were here I thought these were going to be great. When they showed up the cloth holder wasn't nearly as nice as it looked in the picture and it was filthy, but i figured I was still getting a lot of reasonably good wrenches for a good price. Now six months have passed and I've actually tried to use the wrenches for a number of jobs (bolts in fences, assembling an elliptical, lag bots into studs for storage/tv holders, etc. The precision of the tools is really lacking. Every time I've got to use the wrenches the "right" sized wrench tends to not quite fit over the bolt in question. I end up picking another one that is similar sized to try and find something that works, but ultimately reach for a pair of channel locks because the wrenches can't do the job. The first time this happened I said, "Well at least I got a good deal on them," now I'm wishing I had just returned them immediately and gotten some higher quality ones

  • Colter Chasteen - Not good.

    It works great for about a month. But I left my light bar on for about an hour trying to get someone out of the mud and the harness melted together and nearly caught my jeep on fire. I had to scrape melted plastic out of my engine bay. Ended up just making my own wiring harness.

  • Jose garcia - Ehhhhhh!

    Not bad floor liners. The mats could fit a little more sun. When i received this product the back mat was folded in a box. Which cause it to distort the shape. Over time though im sure it will go back to normal. Also i was misiing the cap that you put over the hooks on the floor. Box was beaten up to when i received it. If i were to biy more weather techs mats i would just buy them from the weather tech website.

  • Marti J. Miller - I had to try this to believe it & am so glad it did.

    Opening this package gave such a wonderful presentation & feeling of being pampered. The box was filled with 8 smaller boxes containing individual treatments & everything needed for some moments of gentle hair massage & a cap to use as you take your time to relax & let the product work its magic.

  • kristy teel - Very Messy

    It was really exited about this product the first time I ordered it. I love this brand. It came in very good packaging with bubble wrap and that the cute little jar wouldn't break which is good. I opened it up and saw a smaller jar smaller than what I thought it was going to be but there was a LOT of product in this jar. However, when I opened it I didn't realize It was going to be a powder and not a gel and some of it went all over my counter but it was easy clean up. I finally used it that night and i'm glad I did it at night because I put a small bit on my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, My whole mouth became black, my toothbrush as well and spots of my face, clothes, and counter. It was just a big mess. So I like that its organic and it does work good however it's extremely messy and I would also use a new toothbrush when using this product. Disclaimer: I got this product for free and exchange for a review but my review is very honest.

  • Veronica Ryder - Easy to swallow

    Bit late with the review but tablets worked well. Easy to swallow, make you less hungry and I felt no side effects. Lost 9 pounds over 5 weeks and most of that was within the 4 weeks I used the garcinia

  • Linda Eirz - This is a must read and an excellent book for your library

    I began reading this book from my library and decided to buy through Amazon. This is a must read and an excellent book for your library. If anyone has a problem with acid reflux (GERD), this book will save you from wasting your money on over-the-counter acid suppressors which do no good. Read this book and get to the root cause of the problem and fix it for good! Invest in yourself, buy this book and read then implement exactly what this medical doctor says and you will get results.!