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  • willpower223 - im so happy now because my teeth have gained whiteness back

    my teeth were yellow AF, iv used this product about 7 times now. wow is all i can say, im so happy now because my teeth have gained whiteness back. 20 or 30 minutes ( a day ). just put a little gel on, attach to auraglow, turn on. one good tip swish the gel around in your mouth and get it all over teeth, tilt your head down (helps to keep spit out of throat) and just swish, for best results.

  • R. Watson - Works great!

    The stubby antenna works as advertised! Being shorter, it doesn't hit the garage door going in and out of the garage. Also, there has been no difference in the satellite radio reception or bluetooth phone reception. GPS also seems same as always. I would definitely recommend it!

  • Amber Debelak - Powerful

    All I can say is wow. I could have used it to clean my siding. I was not expecting it to be so powerful and my whole sink and mirror got coated with water. I actually jumped in the shower to use it. The normal setting was definitely too strong. I switched over to soft and it was better, but still strong for a beginner water pic user like myself. It definitely drew blood. On the plus side, my teeth feel pretty clean. I do wish that the water lasted a bit longer. It did not seem that it lasted for 45 seconds, but I did not get out my stop watch either. I liked that it came with a charger and I can just charge it up and use it without having to worry about batteries. It is easy to add water, so even though it may run out quickly, it is easy to add more. You can use mouthwash as well, but unless you are using bottom of the barrel mouthwash, I would not use it. It does get your teeth clean, but it is very powerful, so if you have sensitive gums you will want to watch out for it. It has three different modes that you can choose from. I used soft and never tried pulse. I made a mess when I used it so do it in the shower maybe. It says that it is waterproof. I think it is a good tool for getting your teeth clean and would recommend it to others.