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  • J. Foster - So far so good.

    Product arrived quickly, in solid packaging. Installed fine and works fine so far. There was a business card included with full contact information in case of any trouble, which is a nice touch. Hopefully I won't have to use it. :)

  • Lesley Doukhowetzky - A basic necessity

    I've been preparing taxes professionally for 27 years. Over time I have tried many references, and currently use only this. The plain, jargon-free English is very necessary, if I'm to explain something to a client.

  • Sandy - Hilarious

    This has been the best show since the first episode....William H Macy is a wonder. Can hardly wait for the next episode. The characters evolve beautifully. Hilarious! Perfectly politically incorrect!!

  • Christie - Not the Desperate Housewives meets Criminal Minds novel I expected

    First, I wouldn't call The Fall Guy a "psychological thriller" or a "gripping suspense story". Matthew, the down on his luck protagonist moves in with his cousin Charlie and Charlie's wife Chloe for the summer at their home upstate; while there's definitely tension between the three of them, Matthew more closely resembles a nosy teenage spy than someone at the center of a "deadly web of secrets, obsession, and revenge". While it does move along relatively quickly, the parts where Charlie ends up in banking related conversations read like you've stepped into The Big Short. For readers who don't know all the ins and outs of banking, it doesn't add anything to the story other than to prove that Charlie has more money readily available than Matthew. Not a bad book, but if you've got a choice, read something else. You'll just feel foolish by the time you finish this one.

  • Dancer Mama - Great, but large!

    The multivitamin is large and not easy for my teen to swallow. We had to cut it into fourths initially, and now we just cut it in half. It is effective in helping to clear teen skin and has improved overall energy in my teen. We will purchase it again, though we wish it were a chewable!

  • Irish - Almost Perfect Blender!

    I can't say enough about this Ninja Pro Blender. I really like the lock on lid, and I also like the way the blender locks onto the base. I have blended Kale, parsley, apples, lemons, spinach, etc. as well as ice and berries. Yes it does leave little "bits" in the juice but it is not a juicer, it is a blender. I like pulp, so I have no problem with the bits. The blades slide off and on easily. The blender is so easy to clean that handling the blades should not be a problem. If you fill the blender almost to the top and add a little soap, pulse a few times, drain through the spout, add water to rinse, pulse and pour, out you should have no problems with the blades. There is also quite a bit of "stem" to the blade section which makes it easy to handle. The only thing that would make this blender more perfect would be if it handled hot liquids. I didn't think that was a big issue but I made a receipe recently that said to blend the gravy bits and I couldn't do it until the gravy cooled. I am very enthusiastic about this blender. It was delivered promptly and is so easy to use. The lid can suction to the blender rather tightly but a little patience and it comes off. I like that kind of security to the lid. I have not dealt with customer service so I can't give a review on that.