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  • Jeremy - Gets Your Engine and Fuel System Clean

    Sea Foam seems to work well. After the first use, I noticed my car having increased accelerating ability and smoother idling. There was a bit of a strange smell at first, especially when first starting my car a few times. But I attribute that to the stuff the Sea Foam was knocking loose and cleaning off being burned away. Now the smell is gone, and my car is running like new again. This is all considering my car is a 2006 model with 140k+ miles on it.

  • dwillis - Very Comfortable Shoes

    Amazingly comfortable. But, yep, if you're a big guy, the air cushion will come close to poppng. They're not meant meant for the bigs. I am a large sized guy @ 5'9 200, and am pushing the limits with the cushions. So, I concur with the previous poster with the football-build - I can definitely see how he popped two pairs. As for the shoe itself, they are stylish (as long as you go for a pair that don't have the HUGE AIR MAX logo on the heel) and unbelievably comfortable. Arch, ankle, heel support is great & achilles chafing is zero with or without no-show socks for me. Wide-footed people rejoice. These are for you.

  • A Customer - Buyer Beware

    I purchased this product because of so many good reviews, but I feel it is my obligation to warn people about the side effects that could occur while taking it. 45 minutes after taking my first dose my body became very hot, I felt very dizzy and my heart started beating rapidly. I was up all night,and today I am not feeling well. I imagine some people could have this adverse reaction if they are allergic to a component of this product,however, I have never been allergic to anything else I have ever taken aside from penicillin. Please use caution when trying this product, and possibly try dose titration when starting it to see how your body tolerates it. Over the counter products can be dangerous too, just like medicine from the pharmacist, so please be careful.

  • Tash--Caleb's dad - Very functional and look uber cool too

    Loved this bag... the colours were amazing, and the durability unreal... pretty big though, bigger than I had expected... but seriously love the room to carry anything, and comes in really handy when I travel and having everything I need on the plane, bus, or train. Very functional and look uber cool too... win/win for this guy!

  • Chris Boisjoli - Best I've Ever Tried...and I've Tried A Lot

    I've tried MANY different natural hormone support supplements, but none of them even come close to Testro-X. Seriously guys, do yourself a favor and buy this!

  • TONY PEREZ - Great Osprey Backpack

    Beautifully designed exterior and interior. Outstanding construction. Best backpack I've ever bought.