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Home - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - Centipede Grass Seed - Centipede grass seed is used for lawn, small pastures and premium turf applications throughout the southern climates. Centipede grass seed varieties require little to no chemical treatments. Centipede grass seed varieties also perform well in poor soils, full sun or partial shade with little maintenance or fertilization providing a low maintenance environmentally friendly lawn, pasture or turf grass area.

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  • http://centipedegrass-seed.com/tifblair-centipede-grass.html TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - TifBlair Centipede has proven to be a improved variety of Centipede grass through research trials over the last few years. TifBlair centipede is commonly used for home lawns, parks, roadsides and landscape projects. TifBlair centipede lawns require 50% less mowing than other lawn grass varieties. TifBlair centipede is a fast and aggressive lawn grass variety. It will continue to spread after it is established choking out weeds and other grasses. TifBlair centipede grass is a excellent choice for home lawns in the Southeast.
  • http://centipedegrass-seed.com/common-centipede-grass.html Common Centipede Grass - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - Common Centipede Grass - Centipedegrass (Eremochloa ophiuroides) is a low-growing and medium textured naturally yellow green colored perennial lawn or turf grass. Common Centipede has low fertility requirements resulting in slow growth and reduced maintenance. Centipedegrass has a natural pale green or dull green color. Overfertilizing Common Centipede to obtain an unnatural dark green color reduces its cold tolerance and usually increases long term maintenance problems. Centipede grass is currently the most common home lawn turfgrass in the southern states especially nothwest Florida.
  • http://centipedegrass-seed.com/centipede-lawn-grass-seed.html Centipede Lawn Grass Seed - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - Centipede grass is well adapted to the climate and soils of the southeastern United States and is the most common home lawn grass used in the panhandle of Florida. Centipede grass is a slow growing, low maintenance grass with low fertility requirements. Centipede grass grows close to the ground, is medium textured and is naturally pale green in color. Over fertilizing to obtain an unnatural dark green color reduces its cold tolerance, increases long-term maintenance problems, and is believed to contribute to centipede grass decline.
  • http://centipedegrass-seed.com/centipede-grass-seed.html Planting Centipede Grass Seed - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - Planting Centipede Grass Seed - Centipede grass seed can be planted any time of the year. However, for best results plant centipede grass seed between April 15 and October 15. Daylight lengths or photo periods are longer and night time temperatures are normally between 60 to 70 degrees activating the seed to germinate much faster.
  • http://centipedegrass-seed.com/centipede-lawn-care.html Centipede Lawn Grass Care - Centipede Grass Seed|Centipede Seed|Centipede Seed for Lawns - Centipede Lawn Grass Care - An established Centipede lawn grass requires less maintenance or care than most warm season lawn grass varieties. Centipede grass is a slow growing favorable lawn grass requiring one or two cuttings a month to maintain a 1 or 2 inch lawn or turf. Depending on soil fertility and climate conditions a centipede lawn grass may never grow more than eight inches in height ifcompletely left alone. Centipede grass seed is easy to establish and economical maintain making centipede grass one of the most popular lawn grass seed varieties available.

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