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  • Canada Pharmacy - Canadian Pharmacy Review 726284 Oct 30, Naples, Florida @ Pissed Consumer - I am being harassed by dozens of phone calls per month by people who claim they work for "Canada Pharmacy".Most of the calls don't reveal their origin. Some show a 4 digit #(8029, etc) others come up as originating in
  • Canada Pharmacy - Lousy turn-around times on meds orders Review 361817 Jul 11, Novox Catapres @ Pissed Consumer - I've been using this company for the past 6+ yrs for my higher priced meds & now for my dog's stuff too. Up until last year they usually got things shipped out in a timely fashion & all was good.

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  • Sharon - This actually works!

    Wow, this actually works! After reading some glowing reviews of this product, I was a little skeptical - it sounded too good to be true. But this is the second day my Lab cross has worn his shirt, and I am impressed with how different his behavior is when he has it on. He was a shelter dog and has always been very hyper, with lots of panting, inability to settle down, and licking to the point of creating sores and hot spots (no thunder or other loud noises required). My vet and I have ruled out all kinds of physical causes, and he's still having problems despite careful attention to getting him lots of exercise and positive training for basic obedience and fun behaviors ( e.g., changed work schedules to allow more time in the morning for more exercise). The only time when he would stop the compulsive licking and panting is when I would sit on the floor so he could "lay in my lap" (at 68 pounds, he doesn't fit, but he tries). We had used a soft cone for when we were trying to get a bad sore to heal, which was a little calming, but that was not something he could wear for long periods of time. I didn't want to medicate him, but was running out of other approaches. So when I saw this, I decided to give it a try.

  • Noel Hastings - Don't Ignore Transmission and Engine Reviews!

    So much to like about this truck but they failed at the one thing Toyota is supposed to be known for - drive train. The power is miserable and the programmed shifting and engine characteristics make the WORST possible use of what power it does have. A truck that reaches its peak torque over 4000 RPM? You don't drive/pull/4WD in this range. The shifting is ridiculous and the 6th gear totally unnecessary. The engine will go if you put your foot in it and you can make it perform, but for $38k this seems silly. I drive in S-4 all the time with the ECT button to get it to feel close to normal. I (and many others) plan on selling. I WISH WISH WISH I could get this exact platform and truck with a real engine and transmission and a few minor things improved like power seats, better interior construction. I must say the Crawl Control is amazing and the suspension is probably the best aspect of this truck along with overall looks (except the over sized silly looking chrome grill). Honestly, if Toyota can improve this exact truck I will buy the newer better version but if not I am going with F-150 or Dodge Ram likely...