Câmpus Campo Largo - Resultados das inscrições e demais etapas – Processo Seletivo para Professor Substituto – Agroecologia

  • Câmpus Campo Largo - Inauguração do Laboratório de Práticas e Estudos em Agroecologia – LAPEA

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Goose - Questionable durability

    The cross bars fit well, but I worry about the durability. The ends are plastic and all of the weight on the metal cross bars are distributed on the plastic clamps and a single screw. My car has a moon roof and I watched as the plastic bent under the weight of the load and the force of the wind as I drove down the road.

  • Writer in Residence - Great Flavor for a Morning Smoothie!

    I am not a die hard exercise enthusiast, but I am a very busy business woman and single parent who is always trying to find the quickest breakfast which packs the most nutrition. I am very guilty of running out the door in the morning without eating or grabbing something that has empty calories and zero nutrition. I decided to buy a NutriBullet blender (food extractor) and began experimenting with various ingredients. My favorite breakfast shake now consists of Gold Standard Banana Cream flavored whey protein (1 scoop), a small banana, cup of blueberries and pure coconut water. The whey protein blends completely and is packed with nutrition - it tastes fantastic. I also use the chocolate flavor blended with skim milk and an ice-cube for a guilt-free super-treat. I realize that many people may be turned off because one of the ingredients is Aspartame, but that doesn't bother me. The result of drinking this 5 minute smoothie once per day (plus eating smart the rest of the day) is that my brain-fog is gone, I have tons of energy and I no longer have cravings for sugar. Additionally, my mornings at work are much more productive. Oddly enough, I look forward to getting up in the morning to have this because I feel so darn good and I hate mornings (confirmed night owl!). For my purposes, this product has a great taste, blends completely, has top quality ingredients all with a reasonable price and it has helped me. I recommend it for anyone looking for a boost in the morning or before/after a workout. Enjoy!

  • MMMLAR - Rip off

    I use to love this product but they raised the price 50% for my hair color (DarkBrown) This shows bad customer service. I use to order this all the time but not worth it, never again. So I tried CUVVA, Hair Illusion (witch is real human hair) and Toppik. All theses work very well and 1/2 the cost.

  • Jason - Well worth it. Great light!

    This is a pretty dope little device. it's functionality is awesome: spotlight, flood light, battery bank and I love the way the cable is stored-genius! It is really bright and feels extremely well made. Other listing post "high quality", well this thing really does feel as if it is- and- you feel like you are paying for something worthy, that will really stand the test of time.

  • Epillon - Does nothing

    Doesn't work, for me atleast. Has a pasty, cream texture and feels like I'm shalacking my face when I apply it. It dries clear after rubbing it in but after 3 weeks of daily use it hasn't cleared up even the smallest of my acne scarring. I dont have deep, giant pore pits either, just small scarring from popping over the years but it had no effect on healing the scars anywhere. Maybe others will see better results than I, but so far every product I've tried from this company (acne scar cream, baggy eye treatment) does absolutely nothing for me. Hope others get results.