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  • vic spicer - very different but enjoyable

    mezzanine got me started with the m.a. crew; this is a VERY different sound, but impressive. shara wilson's soulful voice on "safe from harm" and "unfinished sympathy" and "lately" are the gems.

  • Saba - I absolutely love this product

    I got it on a really good deal, i have been using Avalon creme for quite some time now. It is amazing! I use this one in winter, and the oil free one in summer, works great!

  • Sakerio - Hey, it's Playstation:)

    I have been using my new PS4 for a few weeks now and I am happy. Nothing I can say that has not been posted a million times over. The one point I WILL make is to make sure you remember, (I didn't) that you can only play PS4 discs, and Blu Ray's. None of your digital games will work unless they have been upgraded. So buy a game when you get your console yes? Have fun!

  • g.Medeiros - I love spigen!

    I always like to start my reviews with a little piece about the company and I have plenty of amazing things to say about spigen. They make by far the best mobile accessories for any device. When it comes to the precision and attention to detail, nobody does it better. They are, large and above, the leader in case design and reliability. Their products are a little on the pricey side, but what you get is so worth it. The wallet S series is their take on the tradition wallet case and I'm here to tell you their attention to detail is unmatched. Usually when I have a wallet case, the number one problem I have is that the case never stays closed when I'm not using it, or that I find myself constantly holding the back of the case so I can use the front, sacrificing a lot of comfort for a little bit of convenience. With this case, it will actually magnetically clasp when you flip it over the back, so you don't have to worry about keeping it back there. The clasp that goes over the front ensures it stays closed when you're not using it. The red accent strike adds a level of sleekness to an already sleek case, and the whole entire thing just feels incredibly solid. I can definitely recommend this to anyone looking for arguably the best wallet case out there.

  • LDenny - Good job!

    Good adapter for adding a desktop PC to our wireless network. Trying to get everything to be wireless N and this one does the job nicely.