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  • azbroker - Great Everyday Moisturizer

    I've been using this product for about a month. I was put off by the smell at first (kind of lemony) as I was not expecting that. It is a great all purpose facial moisturizer. I have dry skin and it leaves my face smooth and soft, not greasy like some of them do. Also, a little goes a long way, so a good value.

  • Justin - Best electronic purchase of the year

    I am a college student, and this has been the best investment that I have made in my almost 4 years in school. I use my chromebook to view notes that professors post as well as to take notes of my own in google docs. I also use it for web assignments and to browse the internet. I have personally used multiple computers running windows as well as macbooks and this is by far the best computer I have had for these purposes so far. Although it is not a very customizable/powerful computer it gets the job done for these purposes. I can shut my computer down in between every class because the boot time for me is less than 7 seconds! It took me about an hour to get used to google docs and after that I was in love with it.

  • doxiemom6 - Page Turner

    Just received this book yesterday and couldn't put it down! I do enjoy watching their show weekly but this book took me by surprise on how entertaining and well written it was. I felt as if I was in their home having a conversation with both of them. They have such a humble take on all their success and how their lives have blessed beyond their own expectations. They have amazing commitment for each other, their family, their community and their faith in God. The book includes priceless photos and lots of stories that kept it fun and interesting to the very end. My son just started Baylor this fall and I'm happy he has such great role models in the Waco area. I haven't given a book review in many years but felt this is well worth recommending! Enjoy!

  • S J Windspirit - The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this ...

    The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this product will work. Well, I've tried it twice and have noticed sections of my black moldy shingles inching its way back to its original tan/brown/yellow colors. However, most of my roof hasn't changed. I either have very resistant mold or it isn't all they claim. It's not that difficult to measure a 5 to 1 ratio of the product,afterall.

  • Amazon Customer - Good work.

    A well-written and comprehensive presentation of the various worldwide legends and prophecies that point to major prophetic Biblical events that are certainly likely to occur in the very near future. Well researched and documented. Good work.

  • Jeffrey D Fisher - Sobur definitely works. Took it in Vegas 3 nights ...

    Sobur definitely works. Took it in Vegas 3 nights in a row and was able to keep going. The amount I drank on each night should have put me out of commission for an entire day. I still woke up groggy and tired, but without the headache and nausea that I would expect. My only knock against it was that it seemed to prevent me from falling into deep sleep. I couldn't stay asleep for more than an hour at a time. This may have been somewhat due to the time change from the flight though.

  • Evan Black - Brought my girlfriend back from the dead

    So i got this and decided to play a prank on my girlfriend thinking it would make her glow in the dark. well long story short it actually probably maybe kind of killed her. I panicked and buried her in the cemetery down the street. So i'm sittin in the living room all mopey when i hear a noise outside. when i get up to look i see her walking down the street and she's glowing! it's a miracle! not sure who those other people are with her shambling around like mindless drones, but i figured she was gonna throw me a surprise party and maybe apologize for dying. maybe those other people are friends or somethin. man this party is gonna be huge!