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  • R Howard - Excellent planer for any DIYer

    My wife and I do numerous DIY projects which involve reclaimed wood. We have always used sanders with mixed results so we decided it was time to invest in a planer. The package arrived in excellent condition with all parts and good instructions. We had 3 shelves that needed to be planed and they turned out perfectly. Sure beat having to sand them all. The planer was very easy to adjust and operate. I was also impressed by the ability to attach the exhaust directly to my Rigid shop vac. No mess at all and no chips flying everywhere. Definitely would recommend this planer.

  • Werebunnies - perfect shower gift

    adorable! its very small (think the size of a teddy bear head.) but perfect for a baby. Its lightly curved meaning you can do the recommended "back to sleep" while no longer worrying about the flat head that is coming with that safety. I gave this as a baby shower gift and they were very happy with it. Saying how unique it was and that they were excited to have it. Something they didn't think to add to their registry

  • Amazon Customer - car wash safe

    Product worked as advertised. Went through the car wash today with out having to take the antenna off and all is well. The antenna held up as stated it would and am very satisfied.


    This brush is well made. It has rubber type bristles. There is an LED display on the handle that's very easy to read. You can adjust the heat up to 410F. You can also adjust it down in temperature. I seen in some reviews people stated that the power button being on the handle was an issue with accidently turning the brush off while using it. I myself didn't find that an issue. This brush ig used correctly works very well. You can't just brush your hair with it like you would a regular brush. You have to brush sections slowly and they will straighten. I myself have fine hair so it doesn't take me long at all. I feel this is a good product especially if your looking for something safer on your hair then a straightener is.

  • Amazon Customer - ... using the stroller for about a month now and love it. We had no intentions of using it ...

    We've been using the stroller for about a month now and love it. We had no intentions of using it with the bassinet - it's really too bad that it comes automatically with it. It seems like a waste. We use it with the infant carrier attachment. Our fifteen month old and four week old enjoy going for walks. The one complaint is that it is heavy and folds up very large.

  • Reno Reviewer - Like the results, but curious about the ingredients...

    I like the texture of the product and how it makes my skin feel, but I always wondered what's in it. The ingredients are only listed on the box and not on the jar. So for those of you wondering what's in it. Here it is:

  • Syfyreader4ever - A good read, not great but good!

    The book moves at a good pace and stays focused on a story line that I could embed myself. I find the character development acceptable, but would have preferred more background information and more clues as to the actual antagonists.