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  • Harish - A big No!!

    These capsules are real killer, I would strongly suggest either consult your doctor or stop taking the moment you feel your heart beats are impounding, your sleeps are impaired, too much sweating. I started getting rapid heartbeats, too much sweating, sleepless nights, impaired decision making as you feel like high after taking these capsules. On one of the nights, I could not sleep whole night. I thought of calling 911 because my heart beats were off the chart and very high sweats with delusional head, that kind of arrhythmia I have never ever faced in my life.

  • Woody - Good Game

    The game works in the US if you use a HDMI cable. I did not have to get a sony branded HDMI cable as stated by another reviewer. Game play is nice. Easy controls. A must have for every cricket fan.

  • L Huck - ... was near death and started this and he acted like a young cat again for 6 or 7 months ...

    my cat Piggy of 18 years was near death and started this and he acted like a young cat again for 6 or 7 months but then his thyroid got so bad it couldnt help anymore.. RIP in Fatty but thank you for those last 7 months it meant the world to me!!

  • Papa T - Amazing what a company will allow on the market dawning their name and logo.

    This thing is complete crap. It's crappiness is far surpassed by the grounding wires. Both of these together do an excellent job of relieving you of you cash. The fit and finish are abhorrent put nicely. It feels like junk and my summation of said unit is it is junk. I am going to keep it for myself as a motivator to myself to always give 100%. It seems the firm who allowed this to market has lost its way in this area. I assure you it's claims of more HP, brighter lights, more more more is all fantasy thinking from some screwball in the marketing department who at sometime must have sustained some sort of head trauma, as no one would describe this deal as being anything but the biproduct of the digestive process. It's cheap, if you want a good laugh order one for your self and enjoy hours of investigation, ridicule, comedy, and a new found pride and things made in the USA and well anywhere else. If you end up real board in the future you could also install this device and compare the huge difference between stock and with this power adder. I love stuff like this, it just shows you that people have such an interesting humor about them. Also what is even more evident is by evaluation of said product you can get an uncanny feel and deep understanding that some of the inhabitants of our great planet have a unique view on standards. I guess I should appreciate low standards, as if it were not for the flexible, unique, and all out denial of standards I would not have my beautiful wife. See this product brings on such deep thought. A must have.

  • Raynee Branch - It did nothing for my scars but is a great moisturizer for acne prone skin.

    I decided to try this Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology because I suffered from moderate acne growing up. I am now 44 and still have acne. Not cystic acne, but I generally have 3 or 4 noticeable spots at any given time. When I was younger I picked and popped my pimples because I was embarrassed and thought they would go away faster. All I did was cause scarring that I have to this day. I wanted to give this a try and see if this would help with that scarring at the very least. I didn't really expect them to go away completely as I have tried other products in the past but if they were a little less noticeable, I would consider it a win.

  • Erica Ford - good starting point

    This book is good, but it's deficient in many respects. The reviews of the different subject matter aren't that great. You still need to refer to many other books if you're going to get ready. I would say this book is a good starting point, but should not be relied on exclusively to prepare for the MCAT.