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  • F.M.Chavez - Arthid3 survey

    I use this product daily, but was amazed at how much it increased in price since the last time I purchased it. I have also been recommending it to many of my friends and relatives but it costs so much now! I might have to cut back so I won't have to order so frequently. But I have felt better. Thank you.

  • Kevin - It will stop working when you need it the most.

    I have used this item maybe twenty times total. I have followed all the appropriate care instructions. It just decided to crap out on me. The motor still works, but the blade is jacked up. It acts like a trimmer that has been dropped on the blade, but I know this is not the case as I am the only one to use it and have never dropped it. I am very disappointed that this product did not have any durability.

  • Lynwood Hightower - Not Ready for Prime Time

    Bought this to do my 2012 Business taxes. The Graphics of the program would not match up with the data needed to be filled in to the point you really can't tell what is being asked for. I requested support and was told to delete program and re-install each time, finally they just told me to return it to where I purchased it as they could not help!!! Also no State Interview which means your pretty much on your own putting in data and picking forms to send in--- might as well do by hand.