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  • Book Buyer - does not fit

    I ordered these based on Amazon's fit guide - which indicated that they would fit my 2005 Tacoma. The product molding does not match my stock fenders and they definitely will not work. As a matter of fact, only 2 of the 5 holes on this product actually line up with the original mounting holes in my fender, and there isn't even a 6th hole for the innermost mounting location used by my factory mudflaps.


    WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITH THIS PRODUCT! Med Student here, I measure my BP everyday with a sphygnomanometer and stethoscope and I take my time- I don't write it down until I get 2-3 similar results... I measure my blood pressure everyday because it tends to be high- and for the record most obese people, perhaps people buying this product, tend to have high blood pressure. Normally I am around 140/80. I took 2 pills for two days, it went to 175/95! Pressures like that, over a sustained period will destroy your kidneys, and might cause very serious secondary effects. I gave it a few days wrest, then I took only one, it still shot it to 154/85! I give it 3 stars because, believe it or not, I like having such a strong upper at my disposal. But this is dangerous! If I were a lawyer of this company I would put a big warning label on the front clearly stating these rather predictable effects given its ingredients... Hope this help and be careful people.

  • Pal2012 - Very Nice

    This book is a very good read. Well outlined, obviously very well researched and fun to read. I only wished however, that the illustrations were in color or at least large enough that the options and settings in the diagrams could be seen. It's one thing to read about (for example) Converting GUI to Minimal Server Interface, but not being able to view the diagrams clearly leaves me a bit frustrated. Good as a primer on Server 2012 though.

  • Michelle - good if used every other day

    good if used every other day, otherwise there is too much dirt for one pad to handle, and they are kind of expensive and not reusable. Also when your done collecting all the dirt you need a cloth or vacuum or something to pick up the remaining pile.

  • doxiemom6 - Page Turner

    Just received this book yesterday and couldn't put it down! I do enjoy watching their show weekly but this book took me by surprise on how entertaining and well written it was. I felt as if I was in their home having a conversation with both of them. They have such a humble take on all their success and how their lives have blessed beyond their own expectations. They have amazing commitment for each other, their family, their community and their faith in God. The book includes priceless photos and lots of stories that kept it fun and interesting to the very end. My son just started Baylor this fall and I'm happy he has such great role models in the Waco area. I haven't given a book review in many years but felt this is well worth recommending! Enjoy!

  • freddie - work great!!

    my 2006 pathfinder was getting low about once a week. I bought this and haven't filled it up in over a month. no more sounds at all

  • Melea McKinzie - No more estrogen dominant symptoms

    I previously had used Natural Woman when it was carried by GNC. I was very upset when they no longer carried it so I tried a couple of other brands. My hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and other symptoms returned. I've been back on Natural Woman for 3 weeks and I'm starting to sleep, hot flashes have been reduced and I'm sure as more time passes that all of the negative affects from no progesterone will be gone. I also love that there is no scent to this cream. I have tried other creams that I would put on and they would have a funny odor. Great product and I'm so happy to have found it!