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  • Chentl Deneasha - 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

    Just like always never disappoints me keep doing your thing had me reading this book like I was apart of the family when you was bringing the other characters in I'm like yeap yeap you have to read money and Montana to l is who Bonnie is lol. I know part 2 is going to be even better salute to you

  • Thedogsownme - defective out of box

    I bought this last spring intending to use it right away, but got delayed and only just started to use it. Well it leaks badly at one of the conectors where it joins the hose. Also the hose is very stiff and hard to straighen (and it's a much hotter than normal right now). It hasn't kinked on me yet: a plus. Too bad they didn't bother to test it before sending it to Amazon. If I was still in the return period I'd just send it back. I guess I could contact the manufacturer and see if they'd replace it but it's a hassle as the nearest post office is a long ways away from me and returning the hose end would cost as much as a repair part, so I'm here to find a repair kit for a brand new hose. If you intend to test it right away you can always return it but don't delay like I did. I will look for a different brand next time.

  • Josh - Wii-U version is superior

    It's a great game as for being on a gaming handheld device, but it's obvious that the Wii-U version was catered to above this one. The 3DS is capable of doing great things but maybe if this came out a bit later it could have shown that. It still was enjoyable for all ages even as a grown man. I took me roughly 16 hours to beat and didn't get all the secrets. I reccommend this to anybody that wants to start building a 3DS game library and then want to move on to bigger and better games. It doesn't cost much either.

  • Phil - Great device

    Plug and play, easy to use. Great for home entertainment center The remote that it comes with can get the the job done but It's a little limited. Keyboard with track pad is perfect for this, helps with pulling down the drop Windows, typing and the quick buttons to go your emails, music, search. Recommend the ipazz port

  • Mike - Bill Hybels will help you clean up your life and soul.

    A very good book. Not a study guide. Does NOT follow the study guide/video series very well. The book by itelf is better than the video series and participants guide. Recommend the book with 5 stars.

  • Goldilocks - Contains copper

    I returned mine immediately because of the high copper content which is not mentioned on the website.


    This product was sent to me in a plastic envelope with just three UNSEALED loose bottles. You can only assume that the contents of these bottles really contain 5% minoxidil. You actually have no idea what you are putting on your scalp. If the bottles come from Costco unsealed, then you should receive them in a box that is sealed. No product information or applicator was included so there is no way for me to even apply the mystery contents. Please also note that it is not returnable. This was a very BAD and REGRETTABLE purchase for me.