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  • InLight EHR: “Recruiting Patients for a Concierge Medicine Practice.” – Concierge Medicine Today - By InLight EHR, Concierge Medicine Today Contributor MAY 8, 2015 - The number one reason doctors give for not going into independent practice is their fear of not getting enough patients to sustain a comfortable livelihood. This blog will offer some ideas for recruiting patients for a Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Concierge Medicine practice.…

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  • Taylor - Works well for its intended purpose

    A good product that works well for not sticking to foods that are covered. However, I'm not sure it's worth it to me personally for the amount you get. I think it's probably easier to just spray a little non-stick spray on regular foil. Maybe a good choice for baked goods though. I don't bake much though, so it doesn't really suit my personal needs. It did work for its intended purpose though, which is why I gave it 4 stars.

  • J. Nicholson - Amazing stuff

    Replaces the factory gear oil for the differential that comes with the suspension package on the 2006 Mazda MX-5.

  • JM Hopkins - A Real Manly Piece of Cookware

    A French Oven is a great gift for a man. You can make all sorts of manly meals in the French oven, with minimal know how. This is a real man's French Oven. Its a solid hunk of cast iron, heavily enameled in a real manly color, cobalt blue. I've had my French Oven for three years now, and it survived a trip to Afghanistan with me. I used it to cook all sorts of manly hunks of lamb and beef over a propane stove over there. It was indispensable. This French oven heats evenly, and doubles as a real manly piece of gym equipment, should you be lacking that. Clean up is a breeze with this particular model, and you can use rough scouring pads on it without damaging it, unlike your more feminine teflon coated models. Be a man and scrub your pot after you make your hearty stews! It could also serve as body armor or a makeshift shield in a pinch. Hurrah!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Fuel Mileage!!

    I drive around 100 miles a day for work and only have to fill up maybe once a week which only costs about $20. On average due to all the freeway driving I get between 45-50 MPG. I bought the manual transmission which may not be as ideal for California but I still love it. It was at the top of the best buy, customer reviews, etc lists.

  • Spelllesswonder29 - Best shoe EVER

    These are my favorite shoes. I've had three different pairs of this make and I wouldn't buy any other. They don't wear out too fast unless you are very hard on them. My feet NEVER hurt in them. While the design does change every year, it is minimal. I wear them a couple years at a time before getting another pair.