LouftiBlog - Discussions et échanges autour du festival jeune public Louftibus, dont la quatrième édition aura lieu les 6 & 7 juin 2009 à Bergheim (Haut-Rhin).

  • Louftibus : Bergheim privé de récré - LouftiBlog - (extrait du journal L'Alsace du 9 février 2010) Le festival jeune public qui se tient depuis 2006 au pied des remparts de Bergheim n’aura pas lieu cet été. L’association Louftibus
  • Louftibus fait « une pause » en 2010 - LouftiBlog - (extrait du journal L'Alsace du 9 février 2010) Bergheim sera privé de récré cet été. Le festival jeune public prend le temps de souffler, pour remobiliser ses troupes et trouver
  • La pause de Louftibus en juin 2010 - LouftiBlog - En 2010, Louftibus « se pose ». Pas de gros festival cette année, une subvention importante a disparu et les membres de l’asso ont besoin de réfléchir. Pour cette année, on se
  • Chanson pour enfants Amipagaille, frais comme un bisou - LouftiBlog - Article proposé par Jean-Luc Wertenschlag dans l'Alsace Article Amipagaille pour parution Week End du 05/06/09 Amipagaille chante comme dans un livre d’images. L’expression des
  • atelier de nature créative et modelage à Louftibus ce samedi 23 mai ! - LouftiBlog - Le voici le voilà, le nouvel atelier organisé par Louftibus !!!!!!!!!!!!! En collaboration avec la mairie de Bennwirh et Pascal Gangloff, Louftibus vous propose un Atelier Nature
  • Besoins de bras, de mains, de VOUS !!! - LouftiBlog - Bonjour ! Bonjour ! L'equipe de Louftibus est heureuse de vous inviter à une soirée organisée dans la salle de dégustation du viticulteur Muller Deiss, au 43 grand Rue à Bergheim,

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  • Seattleboatguy - My Garmin does not do a good job here

    The DeLorme 2014 Street Atlas is a bit primitive when compared to google maps, and I would not use it in place of my Garmin gps when it comes to en-route turn-by-turn directions, but this map package does have its advantages. For one thing, google maps is worthless if you are in an area without internet access. I think the situation where DeLorme shines the brightest is when you need detailed map data for a relatively large area. My Garmin does not do a good job here, and I assume the Garmin designers were reluctant to clutter up the small map display screen with too much data. But, with the DeLorme software, you have a nice big computer screen, so you have the necessary screen real estate to see a lot of detail for a relatively large area. I also like the optional GPS USB gizmo, which has so far worked okay on my Windows 8 laptop.

  • D. C. Hawkins - Not compatible with current Windows 7

    The listing says that it is compatible with Windows 7. It would not install on my Windows 7 machine because my copy of C++ was TOO NEW. And this is Hoyle 2013. I write software for a living and I could understand iv my C++ was too old, but stopping install because installed infrastructure is too new is simply an instance of Hoyle publishing bad code. I sent it back.

  • Arnold Levy - WOW to Mild really works.

    This product worked as it was supposed to do. It really makes a difference while driving my corvette.

  • Tessa Ann - This product is amazing!

    I love love love this product. Before I tell you why I love it ill give you a little background story. I have a very rare auto immune disease that I was born with, which has no cure. Last year (2015) I graduated college in May. A week after my blood counts were very low and I had to have blood transfusions every two weeks. The only treatment that could help me was a bone marrow transplant l. I ended up having chemo and radiation. So naturally I lost all my hair. So when I got out of the hospital and my hair started coming in a friend of mine told be about just natural and so I bought the shampoo and conditioner. And so far its been working wonders! Everyone I've seen complements at how nice and soft my hair is! And I do believe 100% its because of this product!

  • R. Patrick Baugh - As you'd expect

    A good rehash of 2012, heavy on the Republican side, light on the Obama team. While these books (from Germond & Witcover forward) use to have a few new nuggets, basically everything here has been reported again and again and again, so you won't really learn anything new unless you slept through 2012.

  • LJ Woman - So Far So Beneficial

    Just as legend proclaims - the Thieves Oil is keeping us healthy and viruses at bay. What a relief after a seasonal bout of virus overload. I think it is time to buy stock in tissue paper. But, I am straying from the point of this review which is to note my "excellence rating" for an oil so worthy!

  • Mark Gottwald - It used to be great and highly recommended

    Avast used to be very good and came highly recommended. In fact I used avast for near 7 or 8 years. Now with all the ads and popups it is just rather annoying anymore. I understand what they are trying to do to make money, but enough already with the popups that just will not go away until "X"d out.