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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Katrina - Nzuri Elixir

    I purchased this item based on the reviews and sorry that I did. The taste is terrible and the smell is sickening. I took that product as instructed for approximately two weeks and my face broke out with very large cystic bumps. I am greatly disappointed in this product, instead of making my skin better it made it ten times worse. I am so upset that I invested in this product. DON'T BUY!!!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TAKE A MULTI VITAMIN AND 500 MCG BIOTIN. THIS PRODUCT ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!!!! IF I COULD RATE LESS THAN A ONE STAR I WOULD... SMH

  • Romney Pattison - Easy to setup, basically the same QB it has always been.

    The multiple user mode setup with a server it extremely easy, the server software will actually find the networked computers running QB and do the mapping for you. Product wise, well its QB, the new GUI is uglier than previous ones (we updated from 2010) but everything seems to work and the typical QB bugs are still there (default addresses not properly saving) For the $400 it costs you won't get a more powerful small business accounting system. We dont use any of the additional Intuit based services they try to sell you within the program so I cant comment on thosee.

  • Tutoka2010 - Not what the headlines promise

    This product makes my hair extremely dry. Also it only CONTAINS jojoba though I am not convinced about it. The label is kinda misleading..."jojoba hot oil treatment" I expected pure jojoba oil...This is not a good product. If you have dry hair avoid this product!!!!!

  • Mark S. - Fantastic wireless mouse for gaming!

    This is a great mouse. I needed a good wireless mouse for gaming, and this fit the bill perfectly. If you don't need a wireless mouse, there are plenty of other options with similar specs for much less cost. However, the quality of this mouse and the laser are unmatched by any other wireless mouse.

  • Rick - Camera is so great, I love it already

    This is a review for PowerLead Puto PLD003 Mini DV C8 16MP High Definition Digital Video Camcorder DVR 2.7'' TFT LCD 16x Zoom Hd Video Recorder Camera 1280 x 720p Digital Video Camcorder(Black).

  • Kristen - Quality info with good resources

    I did sooo much research before I decided what study book I would get for that dreaded GRE test. Everywhere I went, Kaplan was highest rated so naturally I had to go with that. When searching on Amazon and reading reviews, I didn't get the same vibe that I did on other websites. I was hoping for every review to be at least 4-5 stars and some reviews weren't half of that, which made me start to think I should look into a different publishing. Nope - so glad I got this one. It's literally exactly what you need to study: simple, straight to the point, informative, practical, etc. The GRE just sucks, that's all that is, there's no study aid that will make the GRE not suck. However, if I had to choose again, I would still go with Kaplan Premier (CD rom and internet access is a huge plus). So, your $20 something (if that) will not go to waste. Don't second guess purchasing it like I did or you'll just waste precious study time!