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  • Robert B. - Works if you need to pass a drug test for THC. (But you need to follow instructions and prepare). NOT A FLUSHER.

    People who say this product does NOT work are idiots. They are individuals who did not follow the instructions. This does NOT just cleanse your system. If you drink water and properly time it with your drug test you will have a 2-3ish hour window where your urine will be masked and the THC in your system will not be detectable. Again this requires drinking a lot of water, timing it. (I suggest you read the most helpful reviews and figure it out for yourself) peeing multiple times after drinking it just to be safe. But if you genuinely want to pass your test you will be able to as long as you put in the time/effort. This also requires NOT touching THC for at least in my opinion 48hrs. (I stayed clean for 13 days because I was lucky, but I was still testing positive for THC 2 nights before my test, after this drink though I did a at home drug test, NEGATIVE. I tested immediately after my screening test, NEGATIVE. 2 days after I was positive.

  • marchloe - Will buy another one for my other car.

    Can't believe I waited so long to buy ne. Small slim design is better than any whip antenna. I hardly use the radio but every station I cared to try came in loud and clear. It's installed on a Toyota Sienna.

  • Michael - Errors

    The book is decent as a review of the material necessarily for the test. Some explanations are made more complicated than they should be however. Also the explanations on the practice tests are not very useful and the practice tests themselves contain several frustrating errors.

  • Erin - Not to good

    Not exactly the best study guide. There is a lot more information you need to know when taking the HESI. The book is decently organized. I would maybe buy it for someone thinking about going to nursing school to see what an ending exam could be like but not for a nursing student I have received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Andrew Aguiluz - Amazing Product in a Shellnut.

    I chose 5 stars in this product because it comes well lubricated as a cube, has good tension in the edges, and has a bit of a twist to it. (no pun intended.) The corner cutting is excellent and it comes with convenient replacement stickers if it ever gets worn out. I recommend this product as a semi-speed cube but also as a trainer cube, as it has a small corner cutting angle where you can practice your moves on. This product is a 5 STAR product in my opinion, but still not as good as my Fangshi, still a very good cube though.