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  • Amazon Customer - Great tires

    Still have original tires on my 09 Malibu. Just getting ready to turn 60,000 and still have enough tread for at least another 5,000 miles.

  • Great King Rat - Almost unwatchable

    I read all the negative buzz about this movie and how everyone said it was being "hated on" because of the female cast etc.

  • Ashtyn - Nice and Thick

    Nice and thick lotion. Absorbs quickly. Doesn't sting. Leaves my tattoo moisturized for hours. Used it on a fresh one and it was a great product.

  • jany martina - Worth money

    A premium oil filter. Works well. No Problems at all easy to install. Another +1 product from K&N. I would recommend this product!

  • yohmama - Recommended

    Works great! I particularly like that it updates continuously in small pieces (this avoids clogging up somewhat unreliable wireless service). The feature that allows you to block ad tracking on websites is also very nice.

  • Karen Nothacker - Haved used for years

    I have used this software for tax prep for LLCs and partnerships for 5 years. It is reasonably easy to use, however the user must be familiar with tax rules, or frankly they could make mistakes with this software. For example, if a participating investor passes their shares to another party (due to death, etc.) TurboTax does not always handle the transfer correctly; TurboTax does not ask if there will be a "step-up"; TurboTax does not always handle the "step-up" depreciation correctly. So, I recommend this product with reservation - you MUST know about LLC/Partnership taxes before using this product!

  • Jenny E - I really like this. It gives you a big boost of ...

    I really like this. It gives you a big boost of energy in the mornings too and doesn't make me all shaky and nervous like other pills have. Just make sure you eat within an hour after taking it or you'll feel a little sick. This also seems to take away my hunger. On the days I take this, I notice I don't need to snack as much and I have the energy to workout.