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  • Amazon Customer - Predicted Me!!!

    When my mom first got pregnant with me she was only a few weeks pregnant with me so she asked if I was going to be a girl or a boy and it said girl (I'm a girl) and then asked when I going to be born it said February 28,2003 I was born February 27,2003 and my nana went to the bathroom and told my parents to ask what my grandpa would name his son and my nana was the only one who knew because he had died a really long time ago it said Axel and that was the name! And when we were moving a couple years ago my dad found it in the attic and my cousin was going to bring in the house and put in a box and my mom screamed no and said never to bring those things in the house

  • Kimberly - Great purchase!

    The carseat adapter is well worth the purchase when you have two children to cart around. It doesn't over take the second seat, keeps the baby close to the stroller, and is sturdy. I'm not afraid of it coming undone and I can close the stroller with the adapter in place. Great purchase!

  • Cobra - Good products continues

    Some may say this product is becoming a bit dated and perhaps it is . . . however, it still works very well! I load this on my laptop which is a must have companion with all my road trips anyway. There is just no substitute for having a 17" high definition screen along with me in my vehicle. The turn-by-turn voice navigation works very well. I long ago updated my plugin satellite GPS receiver which made a noticeable difference in staying connected to my tracking signals. The points of interest are updated with each new version and they are comprehensive.

  • Phil Royston - works better with playstation move controller

    Bought a playstation camera solely for this game. Does not pick up movements of my 6 year old. optimal lighting conditions and camera placement. works better with playstation move controller. Other than "Let It Go" and "What Does The Fox Say" kids don't like songs as much as 2014. Wouldn't recommend for kids unless you have a playstation move controller.