Review: Bundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz - Info Gesundheit e.V. - Der Bundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz – Info Gesundheit e.V. (BGV) hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, dem Informationsbedürfnis von Patienten, Verbrauchern, Ärzten, Apothekern und anderen Beschäftigten aus dem medizinischen Bereich nachzukommen.

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  • Rachel - Best bag ever!

    I LOVE this bag! It's the perfect size for a change of clothes and a pair of shoes with room left over. It's also gorgeous and well made. I bought the mint and gray bag, but it's more turquoise, which I LOVE!

  • Kindle Customer - Get ready for a wild and bumpy ride!

    I will not review the plot of this book as it is not necessary. Suffice it to say that this book is a page turner and written in a style made to entertain and keep you guessing. The revealing hints as to who did what are enough to let you figure out what is coming next, just around the corner. I liked the style writing as it was simple and direct. Everything was well thought out, although somewhat implausible. It's easy to see this book being made into a movie.

  • christine sebroski - rip off

    I ordered a couple small items, but when I received my package it was only one item and it was not any of the items I ordered. It's cheap junk. Now I'm stuck with it and out my money because when I went to customer help there was no order history for me and no way to contact them.

  • blake - Maybe my "Final mouse"

    I have been a fk1 user for over a year and the switch to this bad boy is no mistake. The shape is perfect for csgo low sens gaming and the build quality seems to be solid despite its low wieght. I have one complaint thoe I don't know if its just mine but when I put my pc to sleep or shut it down the light on the mouse stays on for some reason.